wordpress help sucks


So WordPress every time I try to look at comments tells me I don’t have any comments. In the old days, you could just ignore this a couple days and it would straighten out. But lately it is every time and this has been going on months. [Which is why I am not responding to anyone sorry about that.]

I get annoyed at this. Of course I have comments. Not just on my blog, but like other places I would like to check in on?

Oh no, according to WordPress, I just have no comments.

I try to get help by, you know, hitting the WordPress help link. I am immediately hit with a page of different scenarios I might need help with. No help. No contact info. Just, Yay! This huge fucking list.

I wade through that. I find something that is help 24/7. I think, Well, that might work, I could actually talk to a human being? Maybe it is chat or something.

I click it.

It’s another fucking list page, with a hundred things to choose from that might be my problem.

None of them of course are my problem.

WordPress, your help sucks.


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  1. The bane of free services is almost always a complete lack of help. And heaven forgive you if you do not type in the precise phrase needed to get the help you want.

  2. max

    Yeah. I guess since it is free I shouldn’t bitch too much but it is annoying.

  3. Excuse me, but as a positive MAINSTAY of help, I have to tell you we don’t suck.

    Whoever designed WordPress just made us hard to find.

    Go here, always, first:

  4. max

    Well hard to find sucks Rain. Nothing personal.

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