Big earthquake. Quick. But that one made the building jump. Woof!


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  1. Kym

    You must have been right where it was centered. The preliminary says it was less than 2 magnitude.

    I know the one we had in Mid November seemed big to me too but it wasn’t that much. It was just close to us.

  2. max

    Yeah I am looking at the earthquake page and it felt way bigger than a 2 and it is out in the quakes they have marked were out in the desert somewhere so not close how odd.

  3. I felt some shaky shaky in northern San Diego too – but it was so muted that I thought it might just be me. I did read that there was a 5.5 out near Barstow around 9pm?

  4. max

    It was not muted here it was just really fast. It felt like a ginormous truck smacked into the building and then it was over.

  5. I’ve learned that those quakes all feel wicked bad.
    I’m Glad it wasn’t a bad one.

  6. max

    Of earthquakes? You crack me up.

  7. That would scare the crap out of me.

    When you grow up in the South and some kid says they want to move out to Hollywood all the other kids say, “No way, earthquakes.”

    Like hurricanes are nothing to be feared.

  8. max

    When you grow up in California you shrug at earthquakes the one thing you think is scariest is hurricanes. [wink]

  9. i totally did not feel or hear this one

  10. max

    That is a relief I could not fathom how that could have been a two.

  11. I love hurricanes.

    They are so romantic. That is, before they cause mayhem and destruction.

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