women know your limits




where i nabbed that youtube :
i nabbed that youtube from the inimitable anita marie

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  1. Dan

    I think I’ve become deranged from too much education.

  2. Sarah

    The only way I could properly respond to that (with a belch that would register in double digits on the richter scale) doesn’t translate well in text.

  3. carlmmiller

    Good find Max. I understand my sister and Mom much better now. Poor saps just don’t have a brain that can handle the info. All makes sense now.

  4. “beard growth” – LOL!

  5. max

    Well kittens are cute….

  6. sulya

    Love how “knowing our limits” seems to be directly related to having no limit on our consumption of mood-altering pharmaceuticals and hallucinogenics…

  7. max

    Um. Where do you get that? I did not see pharmaceuticals in the clip.

  8. My friend sent this to me because I told her about this nightmare social situation where it turned out I was the only Non-College Educated person in the room and one woman says to me

    ” Oh you must read a lot, you SOUND so well educated. ”

    Why I’m not serving time for assault now I’ll never know.

  9. sulya

    max – all the women seem pretty dazed to me and the lady at the end strokes her hand like it actually IS the kitten… I just assumed there were pharmaceuticals (wink)

    animar – did you get an address or phone number for that broad? I think her house needs egging…

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