with a pony in the back seat

pony rideThis is the funniest thing I have seen in an age. Go check out this guy’s post. I cannot understand a word but the photos are hilarious.

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  1. That guy looks way too smug. I’m betting even money that Pony called shotgun and got screwed out of it.

    Note: I’m even more amused by the fact the dude appears to have installed a wooden hitching post in the back seat: leading me believe this no spur of the moment thing. Perhaps a birthday party pony rustler, plying his craft on unsuspecting city folk?

  2. max

    Hi Wall Climbing Guy.

    I wish I could read the site I cannot tell whether this is pictures of the site guy or pictures he took on vacation or something.

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  4. Note to self:
    This week on Max’s blog I learned about

    Gummy Bears
    Super Models
    Karma Coins
    and Ponies in cars.

    Higher Ed is SO over rated-

  5. max

    I like to think I am an education. But I am sometimes a little delusional.

  6. Max- you are an education…that’s why I like to visit this blog ;-)…it keeps me honest.

  7. “that’s why I like to visit this blog ;-)…it keeps me honest.”

    Damn your information age confoolery!
    I was raised on a strict protestant regimen of shame and sodium pentathlon, and it kept me honest enough. That’s good old fashioned Canadian know how right there.

  8. max

    Well you ate your vegetables and really that is what matters.


  9. Hey- my Grandfather was a Canadian-
    so I’m hearin’ you AJ but you forgot to mention the cold and ice and getting chased to school by rabid bears- that keeps you honest too ;-) right?

  10. “Canadian?”

    Yep,Geographically and quintessentially. Polite, stoic, born and raised in the Nations capital: I’d need to be a fur trapper to be anymore Canadian.

    ps: that should be Pentathol, not Pentathlon. I have no clue what sort of salt fueled multi event athletic mayhem would occur at a Sodium Pentathlon.

  11. max

    Canada just got so much more interesting.

  12. You have no idea Max…I mean, you have a Canadian who IS NOT a Fur Trapper posting on your blog wow,is that RARE.

  13. max

    Well not everyone can maim and skin small animals for fun and profit, Anita Marie. Shhh. You will make him feel inadequate.

  14. Fun and Profit?
    I thought it was a genetic thing…okay…mums the word!

  15. “Well not everyone can maim and skin small animals for fun and profit, Anita Marie. Shhh. You will make him feel inadequate.”

    Sometime I punch my Cat and make it wear poorly tailored pants. That’s got to count for something.

  16. Punching a cat in poorly tailored pants- just a sec I’m picturing that right now.

    I’m sorry, my brain just froze, I’ll have to get back to this one :-)


  17. max

    Word on the street is that cat can beat you arm wrestling. What a fibber.

  18. I’d love to know the story behind this pony in the car.

  19. max

    We are writers. We can just make it up.

  20. Okay.

    This car needs a push start. The smart guy at the wheel? He doesn’t push start anything. He bought a horse to pull start it.

    You oughta see that pony jump in the car after they get it going. Smart guy at the wheel wonders why his gas mileage has been so sucky since he got this bright idea.

  21. max

    No narrator? No apocalypse?

    This is so out of character.

  22. Hey, I’ve got some range.

    Poor compact car has range too. But smart guy hasn’t thought about just hooking up the car to the back of his horse when he runs out of gas.

    Now what’s your take on pony in the car?

  23. max

    I am going with the Valiant Guy’s theory. The pony called shotgun and got robbed.

  24. You guys are so funny…

    it’s one of those seeing eye ponies- you know like a seeing eye dog only you use them to guide you when you’re driving a car.

    They look for those turtles in the road- you know the little white bumps? Well, when you’re tires leave the bumps the pony makes this weird noise and pushes at the back of your seat.

    That way blind people can drive.


    Man you guys need to get out more.

  25. max

    One hoof stomp for right turn, two for left turn?

  26. “I am going with the Valiant Guy’s theory.”

    It was a pretty sweet theory.

    two L’s darlin'[1].
    I realize it’s not the correct spelling, but Valliant is my actual last name…and thats how my ancestors chose to spell it; Drunken Irish farmer though they be.

    [1] Said in a folksy country, non sexist, manner.

  27. Okay, it is a sweet theory…

    and Max- the seeing eye ponies don’t stomp- they whistle.

    It’s not as sweet a theory but I’m amused by whistling ponies.


  28. max

    I can do two L’s.

    [Finally. A use for these opposable thumbs.]

  29. max

    Oh wow. We just got a translation :

    daddy, are ferraries red with one horse inside?
    yes sweetie, they are red with one horse power. why do you ask?
    well one of them just passed us by…

    Thanks bletebzz.

  30. I do not care to read or see posts or pictures about horses right now.

    I just…I can’t even talk about it.

  31. PS The language is most likely Albanian and probably Tosk Albanian.

  32. max

    Jeez you are smart.

  33. Well, I spotted some Latin words in his post which led me to believe that he is speaking Romanian which is a romance language but further research has led me to believe that he is from Albania. While Albanian has borrowed some Latin words, Albanian is an Indo European language. Sheesh, I can’t believe I wrote this all from memory. (Of course, I had to Wikipedia some of this just to make sure).

    However, I could be TOTALLY F-ING wrong. I bet some smart researcher like would know.

  34. max

    We could ask Bletebzz. That is who translated it to English to be nice.

  35. He did? Or she did? Yes, please do!

    I’m dying to know!

    Oh wait – that is a translation service, isn’t it?

    Geez, guess I ain’t that smart lol

  36. I think SG is dead on, as usual. Looks to be Albanian, although I don’t have much of a clue beyond that. Funny how there are sections I feel I can almost read, the Italian/Latinate words, and then there are these slovenian sorts of things I can’t even guess at. It is like . . . like looking at a street scene and seeing that there is, for some reason, a horse in the back of that car. Other cultures are like that, I suppose.

    Just when I didn’t think I’d add any more blogs to my feed. . . .

  37. the translation

    – Dad is it true that Ferrari is un red car with un house
    – Yes but why?
    – Because I think I sow one passing by

  38. max

    Thanks, Cave. I checked with Blete who said, Albanian, Doy. See how smart you are Stilletto?

    Tetena is a triple threat, blogging in French and translating Albanian to English. Sheesh, what an overachiever.

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