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witch hunter robinI am tired of my hair. I have thought about Witch Hunter Robin hair. I am not so sure that translates. Also it means growing hair out and wrapping it and every human I have seen try to pull off this look ended up looking really stupid.

[Also I suspect you have to dress like Witch Hunter Robin to pull this off and I have the clothes but never wear them mostly I trot around in jeans and t-shirts and that might really not work with that hair.]

I have been watching the Veronica Mars first season. Kristin Bell’s hair is cute there. That might work.

It is time for a change. I just have not decided what the change is.

PS: Watch out tomorrow. Susan says March 3rd is Hell Day. When Susan says something is Hell Day, it is probably going to be really bad. Uh oh.

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  1. I would totally wear Witch Hunter Robin’s outfit in this photo.
    The bangs are cool, I wear mine long like that. The side thingys seem like they would hurt, possibly even require Gorilla Glue and some of someone else’s hair.

  2. max

    Wow that mullet comment is so going to result in total blue jean mocking.

  3. I dunno- most of the Goth Boys here in Seattle Cop this look. BUT I do have a jacket like this- complete with Silver Buttons.

    Any takers? My Nieces use it for Halloween.

    I use it to go to the Grocery store.

    I am SO desperate for attention.

  4. aj

    A lot of Goths here look like this too. Minus the gloves.

  5. Sophia

    You are not serious, are you? You really want to meatballs stuck on each side of your head?

  6. Sophia

    And that was supposed to be “two meatballs” but my keyboard has a personality and is not always obedient. Whatever.

  7. max

    I like that hair style.

  8. Sophia

    I believe you.

  9. Hi,
    Actually the witch hunter robin hair is easily pulled off. You need hair about shoulder length. Put the first ponytail holder in on the side like normal pigtails. Then put more ponytails about every inch out till the curved end. THEN you wrap it with the red ribbon, and they stay out just like that. Im not sure I still have pictures, but id be glad to take some new ones if you’d like.


  10. max

    I would love to see the photos.

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