rip_jean_i.pngI am in Wikipedia.

I have no idea why.

If i am in Wikipedia —
Can I still publicly curse?
Wear too short jeans
And inappropriate thigh high stockings
To court?
Has this changed
The composition
Of the space time continuum?

This messes up some serious plans.


The Freakins Wikipedia.

51 Responses to wikipedia

  1. … The ubiquitous blonde, Max D. Adams.

  2. max

    Oh I am totally not ubiquitous now I have to smack you you know that right?


  3. Whoa, that’s cool, Max!

    (But they should have a picture of you in your bio, so you should donate one.)


  4. Max, this changes everything. It was one thing for me to play the buffoon when I thought you were just Max Adams, the celluloid blonde. Sure, it was just fun and games. But now that you’ve revealed you’re in wikipedia (or that you are a true Wiki, to be more accurate), I have to rethink everything. Goofing around with a Wiki is pretty much the same as going to the Vatican to see if the Pope wants to be your dance partner for next season’s “Dancing With The Stars.” (In other words, it’s just not done, damn it.)
    On the other hand, this explains a great deal. I’ve often craved the approval of powerful people and now that you’ve revealed that you’re a Wiki (and must have access to the exclusive “Wiki Council”), you’ll be in a position where a single phone call from you can have men in dark suits showing up and whisking me away into the night, never to be heard from again. (Don’t worry, though. From what I’ve been told, they don’t kill you — they just wipe your memory and set you up as a convenience store clerk in a small twenty-four hour gas station located just outside Kalamazoo, Michigan — assuming that Kalamazoo is in Michigan, that is. I should look it up but that would interrupt the flow.)
    Max D. Adams — a Wiki.
    This changes everything.

  5. Three Cheers for our Max!

  6. “Red hot Adams.”

    I like, I like….does this mean I can start calling you “RHA” for short?

    PS I agree with Janie, send in a pic!

  7. Cheers Max. gulp now everytime i talk to you.

  8. p.s. please keep wearing the cutoff jeans. britney does too.

  9. max

    Jeez did you just compare me to Britney? I am childless and not bald you know.

    Stil you could but I would not know who you were talking to.

    Think if I send in that photo of the red dress they will post that? It would spice things up and be red hot.

  10. Perhaps you would prefer the pervasive Adams?

  11. max

    No way. That sounds like a biological weapon or something.

  12. max

    Oh this is spooky. The Celluloid Blonde blog was not on the Wikipedia blurb last night but today it is.

    Say, if I post Excess Baggage won Austin in 1994 and was released in 1997 here — will it mysteriously change over there?

    [cue twilight zone music]

  13. max

    [By the way, I am so jazzed Wikipedia got where I was born right my publisher’s “publicist” could not get that right and kept making weird things up in press releases that were really mortifying]

  14. LOL! I added it this morning Max.

  15. max

    Madame Slotsky is going to be so mad she is not mentioned in there.

    [Did you really?]

  16. MAX, am I kicked off now?

    My new rules for posting on your blog….

    Must drink coffee before commenting
    Must have had enough sleep to see the screen
    Must spell check
    What about the curse words? damn this is hard!
    Red Hot blonde- mmmm no more twisting things up…..
    RHA it’s like Royal Highness Adams……
    Yep these are the reasons I will get kicked off this blog but I can always go read about you on Wiki……. it’s up to the minute update.

    Yay! for you Max! Our Wiki Queen! I like it……..

  17. I’m just gonna sit here and keep my mouth closed.


  18. And they even listed you as a living person! (I think they should have listed you as a living doll, but living person is much better than the alternative.)

  19. The wikipedia article was written by two people–Woeful’s aforementioned addition, and the rest by “Alison W. B.”. (You can see this by clicking ‘history’ on your page.) I have no idea who that is, but perhaps you do.

    Anyway, I don’t think it’s that weird that you’re in Wikipedia, what with the actual movie credit and all. (_I’m_ in wikipedia, which _is_ totally unsane.)

  20. Uh, Sean, hate to point out the obvious but you are a game programmer, correct?

    Therefore, you are definitely Wiki-worthy. You were connected with System Shock, according to the bio. Basically, this means that you can probably walk on water.

    Yeah, I like games.

  21. Eddie

    No mention of dogs or neighbors?

  22. I don’t know what else to say, except, I’m envious!

  23. max

    Jen, why would you be kicked off?

    Not, anyone who can juggle like you should be on Wikipedia and that is final.

    Pooks, I keep saying rumors of my demise are premature but very few people listen.

    *note to self, write Wik and tell them they should add dogs and neighbors….

  24. Max, I figured now that you are wiki famous you might want to clean up this place and that pretty much just means me getting 86’d. I’ll understand ; )

  25. max

    Um, it is Wikipedia not political office Funny Girl.

    [Any second now I may start passing out papal dispensations or something I am just that important now.]

  26. Am I the only one not surprised? I was certain everyone who was smart knew who Max was already.

    Definitely send in the red dress pix, Max. Of course, then they’ll have to call you sizzling Max. ;)

  27. max

    Your turn, Toni. “American novelist.”

  28. sulya

    And I’m sitting here thinking, “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her name capitalized. And, what exactly does the ‘D’ stand for?”


  29. I like that it has a link to your blog.

  30. max

    That is Woeful’s addition. He is on task on proper research and notation he has a college degree and everything in that.

  31. *Speechless admiration* You can tell I’ve been trying to think of something clever to say about it and failing.

    Still, I agree it’s not surprising as such.

  32. max

    Aw you guys are funny. I really did have this whole campaign planned where I was going to write obits for myself and friends and post them all to Wikipedia and this sort of derails that. I mean, it is so staid and factual how can I go in there now and mess it up with “while she was alive she scaled cliff faces, slayed sea serpents, was generally non repentent and sassed Madame Slotsky”?

  33. I was thinking that it lacked colour, somewhat. Can you not go in and jazz it up a bit?

  34. max

    LOL — well probably.

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  36. red dress please! but then you’d give a hard time to the wikinerds.
    i compare anybody i like to britney. but i do not like britney. i just like bald people.

  37. Hey Max
    this is listed as a ” Hot Post ”
    Have the marriage proposals sailed in yet?
    Have I missed the drama?
    Darn this flu bug of mine!

  38. max

    Hot post? What?

  39. Your Wikipedia post was listed on the WordPress menu under hot posts after I signed in.

    On the other hand since their April Fools Joke I’ve noticed that sometimes the last thing I looked at gets listed as a hot post now- considerding most of the sites I visit get lots of traffic I didn’t think anything of it.

  40. max

    Stats does not show anyone coming in under that tag so I dunno.

  41. max

    Oh well now they do. I think things are registering late around here.

  42. The delay is probably from you having the Alaska time zone thingie. ;)

  43. max

    Yay! Firm you are back. I have missed you.

    [Do not ask me why you tell the most terrible puns but I have.]

  44. There are two Firms out there and I think one is here while the other is not……

  45. max

    Do not be fooled by phone booth rendezvous.

  46. But Jennifer, neither of us is in Wikipedia. :D

    TY, Max. It’s good to be back, but it’s better to be missed. (BTW, that’s especially if the other person is holding a gun.)

  47. OK I don’t know what a phone booth rendezvous is……but I shattered a phone booth once when I clocked it with the phone reciever. It rained down glass all over me. Maybe you felt the disturbance in the force?

  48. max

    That kind of behavior is going to make super hero outfit changes problematic for you. Hmm. Maybe stairwells?

  49. Oh that’s why the super heros are all pissed at me!

  50. Well, that… and you never return their calls.

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