why we are falling into the sea


My favorite theory —

For why California is going to fall into the ocean is the National Geographic Theory. It goes like this :

Everyone in California gets National Geographic. No one throws away National Geographic. Garages are filling with National Geographic up and down the fault line and one day, poof, they will be just too heavy and into the ocean we will go.

I so love that.


where the art work comes from :
that is from zeb andrews

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  1. Dan

    I love it, too.

    As someone who’s convinced they will die when a giant column of old books and magazines crushes them in the night, I can relate.

  2. max

    You would love this store where I live, Dan. I go by it taking things to the post and always thought it was a big toy store because it has huge blow up robotey creatures in the window but I went in today to explore and it is full of graphic novels and comics and Frazetta books.

  3. I’ve moved piles of those things and can vouch for the validity of this statement…

  4. Damn that is funny.

  5. The spirits of the trees that died to make those magazines will of course be laughing their branches off.

  6. I though it was from the weight of all that silicone.


  7. Silly Stil
    That would make people float.
    Wouldn’t it?

  8. I wouldn’t know.


  9. Oh, I just saw your blog, I hadn’t seen it – marvelous! Witty and philosophical and funny, all at the same time. I löv it. All well I hope!

  10. Augusto

    If you will store all my magazines for me there in California, I will store your wine cellar for you safely here on the east coast.

  11. max

    Nice try, Augusto.

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