why max's friend has extra locks on the door


chainedA friend sent me this it cracks me up :

[Why Max’s friend has extra locks on the door.]

[Okay she doesn’t. But why she should have extra locks but is too damn lazy and doesn’t care if her children are scarred for life anyway.]

Hardworking Strong Silent Type Husband : Sweetie, I can’t find the…. Ooh, wife, bedroom, alone. [pounce, throws book friend is peacefully reading across the room]

Brilliant Oldest Son : [who, by the way, is not at all self-centered] [while opening bedroom door] Hey, what are you guys doing here? I need some privacy to call my girlfriend.

Adorable Youngest Son : [while opening bedroom door] Mooom…. Oooh can I play too?

Beloved Middle Son : [while opening bedroom door!] Moooom, can you open the back door for me, my hands are fu…l? That’s gross! Honestly, can’t you wait till we’re asleep?

Hardworking Strong Silent Type Husband : Nevermind. [leaves]

Friend: [with an evil laugh, snuggles back down with book]


[originally inspired by why max has extra locks on the door]


11 Responses to why max’s friend has extra locks on the door

  1. wow! I can’t remember the last time I needed to “lock my door” in my own home.

  2. I shouldn’t reveal this but I rarely lock the door to my apartment or car. I’ve been lackadaisical for years. It’s a really bad habit.

    Apparently Canadians don’t either according to that Michael Moore documentary.

  3. Your friend is merciless.

  4. max

    Isn’t she fun? I love her.

  5. Yes, absolutely.

    You know, Canadians not locking their doors could work to your advantage lol

  6. max

    Only if I am in Canada.

  7. You should learn to astral project.

  8. I don’t lock my doors but I also live with a demonic cat and two dogs that could take down a horse so maybe I’m leaving it unlocked because…no I’m too nice to do something like that.

  9. A demonic cat? Oh no, I shouldn’t have teased Pumpkin like that, now she will never defend me from burglars.

  10. Nope she’s gonna pull a Craig’s List Stunt on you. I read that somebody ran an ad on Craig’s list saying that everything in their house had to go and that it was all free.

    So people showed up in droves and took everything. Even the sink.

    And it was a hoax.

    I hope your Pumpkin isn’t computer savvy…

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