why max has extra locks on the door


chainedAll is quiet in the Max loft.

[Okay not really, I snore]

Max: Zzzzz.

Meanwhile, in a distant corner of the galaxy building —

Facilities Guy 1: I’m bored.
Facilities Guy 2: Me too.
Facilities Guy 1: Let’s walk in on the blonde chick again she’s never up before eight.
Facilities Guy 2: Cool. Maybe she’ll be naked.
Facilities Guy 1: Grab the master keys.


[originally inspired by a post on missed manners]


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  1. I told Frank that he was talking too loud.

  2. No. Way. Are you serious?

    That is f-ing creepy.

  3. Oh wait – you are not serious. Whoo. I just woke up, forgive me.

  4. Yep, that would have a high creep factor… One step shy of a Silence of the Lambs scenario.

  5. Did you mace them appropriately?

    (Either the chemical sort and the old fashion metal kind)

  6. anchors again? They must be on drugs which makes it scarier!

  7. I know you like living there but damn it’s cursed.

  8. I’d like to hear those two guys review movies- or books or beer-



  9. max

    Oh this was something that happened a lot when I first moved in and all these work guys were roaming around with apparently nothing better to do than walk in on me. It stopped after the Saturday morning three separate guys walked in at separate times, like they were trading off keys on the half hour, and the new lock went up. MissedManners was saying something on his site about people with too many locks that made me think of it.

    I did not mace anyone. Maybe I should have. But not before the new lock no one with a master key could open went up.

    Management is actually taking the violent yelling guy next door seriously as a problem and saying they are taking action now. I have no idea what sort of action.

  10. Now that is creepy. What were they hoping to accomplish?

    Just out of curiosity, were any of them hot? lol

  11. max

    They did not appear hot to me. I was somewhat pissed off and sleep clouded so maybe not the best judge of hotness.

  12. I used to wedge a chair under the door knob when I was living or traveling alone.

    My Grandmother’s Sister taught me that…but given what she was really like she probably used to sit there with her gun in her lap and smoke her cigars and hoped some fool would try to get in.

    I’m sweeter then that.

  13. Man your family is cool, Anita.

  14. And the men all had this great sense of humor- no fooling they even have great laughs.

    Fits I guess.


  15. max

    “Had”? That past tense sounds a little ominous.

  16. I’m beginning to think Anita and I are related.

    I had an ex employee come banging on the door, trying to come in once because he was ticked off and wanted to talk to my husband. I was home alone, though, but I heard him before he got too far inside and met him in the kitchen with my gun. “I am a very good shot,” I say by way of hello. “I don’t mind practicing some more on you, though.” He apologized profusely and left.

    This is after I’d had a traumatizing break in and then a couple of thefts and decided I’d had enough.

    When Luke was a senior, we were the only senior’s house which did not get t-p’d. I asked one time why not. One of his friends said, “Miss Toni, everybody knows you’re crazy and you have a gun.” I decided not to disabuse her of the notion. (why yes, I am evil)

  17. max

    “Miss Toni, everybody knows you’re crazy and you have a gun.”

    At last the truth about where Bobbie Faye really comes from is revealed.

  18. (meaning, I didn’t mean to reveal that, dang it)

  19. max

    Damn it is so inconvenient when stuff just slips out like that.

  20. Well Max…the guys who ‘had’ those great sense of humors are indeed gone from this Earth- but not from anything as unnatural as the women in their lives ( cough cough )

    And Toni… you might have something there-my Grandmother’s Sister learned to shoot because she used to be a Card Player- a good one- too good some may say.

    But all that aside, she was a single woman who lived and traveled and flew alone…and this was back in the 50’s and 60’s so I guess it was just practical for her to know how to defend herself.

    She also taught me how to box- and damn I was good :-)

  21. I read that entry again…that is really some creepy serial killer shit.

    Someone tried to break into my apt last year – or was it the year before? – a disgruntled ex lover who owed me hundreds of dollars- I had to call the cops and everything.

    Hmm. I’ll write about that later.

    Anyway, I just read that post again – it’s like the prelude to some creepy serial killer movie.

  22. Did I freakin’ repeat myself or what? Holy shit that was like a drunk forgetting what they just said.

    Perhaps I’m THAT creeped out lol

  23. Caffeine…more caffeine is needed.

  24. max

    Mostly it was just really annoying. I am not a show and do not like being woken up at 7 am by strange men with keys opening my door and walking into the loft. There are no walls here. It is open space. So I was pretty much on display every time this happened.

  25. Big time boo to your facility guys, and definitely in your case an extra lock or seven is needed. :D

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