why max does not surf


Any questions?


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  1. … cruising for a little surfer brunch perhaps.

  2. Dan

    “Smile you sonuvabitch”

    Sorry…couldn’t help myself.

  3. sulya

    I’m thinking this shark is just trying to surf and is probably pretty sick and tired of all the bad shark publicity though it does probably mean he gets the waves to himself I suppose so he shouldn’t be too touchy about it.

  4. max

    How many times have you watched Jaws, Dan?

  5. Cage is the water. You go in the water. Shark is in the water.

    Yeeeehhh, Dan beat me to it…

  6. max

    I love Jaws. That is some of the best dialogue in film and definitely the best monologue.

  7. Dan

    Umm….a lot.

    Quint might be one of my favorite characters of all time. He’s just so damned salty.

  8. Kym

    My family and I went to see Jaws. Near the end, the man behind me patted my head, “Honey, your daddy payed good money for the movie. I think you should look at the screen at least once.”

  9. max

    That is very funny. Have you seen it recently? It is a great movie.

  10. Kym

    Sometime I plan to start scuba diving again… so the answer to that question would be a big fat NO!

  11. aj

    The only thing wrong with Jaws in my opinion is the little dudes that wear the fake shark fin and play around in the water scaring the other people should be eaten. At least one of them anyway.

  12. max

    Oh sure, feed the little tykes to the sharks. You blood thirsty creature you.

  13. max

    Oh you so would not scream you would pull out a pot and make shark gumbo.

  14. LOL. That is the shark screaming.

    You’re hilarious.

  15. Hopefully that shark has converted to vegetarianism. Max, I will make a mental note to purge this image from my head before I set foot on the beach again.

  16. max

    Someday I have to tell the story about when I played chicken with a barracuda. Barracudas, like bears, always win.

  17. I think I’m starting to figure out how you may have cracked that rib!

  18. max

    Hey, no public speculation.

  19. I may have to book a ticket and fly out there and get you drunk!

  20. Oh! I can’t make any promises…I remember what happened last time…

  21. max

    Wow, RK, look at the fancy avatar you got. Very nice.

    Stil, what? I totally got you out in one piece.

  22. Yes. There are many sharks in LA and they’re not in the water.

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