why i love greg


greg: i guess you got on those max

me: sometimes i am the ninja, sometimes i am the goat

greg: to me you are always the ninja max


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  1. Dan

    Wow. After that, I have nothing. I’ve been bested. I bow to him.

  2. Dan

    Oh, really? I can give you both barrels if you’d like.

  3. max

    Is that veiled sex talk?

  4. Dan

    Would I be that fresh?

  5. forkboy1965

    Why not the ninja goat?

  6. max

    “Why not the ninja goat?”

    Um. This is why this post is titled “Why I love Greg” not “Why I love Fork.”

  7. Obama

    Jilted love for this sailing POTUS ;-(

  8. max

    I almost caught you before you pushed off, damnable women scoping hurry up to beat traffic friends.

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