why i hate gay guys


ugg_iI am —

Walking home. It has been a really long day. First, because I could not sleep and needed to be somewhere the next day so just flat out skipped sleep entirely in order to show up on time. Second, because it was a long hot trip home [what the hell it is 90 degrees in January?] in really uncomfortable shoes that just about guaranteed I would never walk again. Third, because I was burrying someone. And fourth, because when I finally stripped out of my memorial service finery, crawled into shorts and a hoody and my Uggs to make a quick trip to the store —


Gay guys walking towards me up the street. And they give me that snide once over gay guys sometimes give women. They are evaluating me. And they are both wearing this snide superior expression. “Oh look at her in shorts and Uggs.” Which bad news gay guys still does not give you a vagina so bite me. But it makes you feel bad when someone is giving you that snicker behind the eyes look that says on some level they have evaluated you and found you cheap and lacking. And they are sneaking each other glances too saying, “Oh yes I completely agree.” Before fixing me again with their superior asshole gay guy superiority glance.


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  1. Haven’t you heard Max?
    Being a woman is SUCH BIG ADVANTAGES in this world.
    Espeacially when you are wearing freaking amazing boots.

  2. Kym

    You are so butch daring to be un-PC!

    Snide people of any sexual persuasion can really get under my skin. For years I have had this unpleasant memory of wearing my first grownup outfit–a gray sweater with ash wool pants. The outfit looked pretty spiffy for downtown Garberville. A strange man gave me the once over and not in any sexy way, Walked up and said, “Honey, the pants and sweater are just sooo cute but…well, sweetie next time wear black boots not brown.”

    If I could have afforded two colors of boots at that age, I would have worn black. Amazing how I let something like that stick with me for 25 years.

  3. cvcobb01

    Well… this small moment says as much about your insecurities as it does about these particular gay guys, n’est-ce pas?

  4. max

    It says if someone is nasty to me it makes me angry, cv.

    Kym we hate him.

    Anita you crack me up.

  5. I’d say fuck ’em, but well, there’s that whole gay thing in the way. Were you comfy? Let it be. It’s not like if you were dressed perfectly they were going to convert, right?

  6. max

    Brain you are thinking like a straight guy. That whole “would I do her” thing is not a dynamic with gay guys and women.

  7. I’m sorry….forgive me. I’m bad.

    I’m having a hard time getting past the picture at the top of your post.

    Is this wrong of me?

  8. max

    Not at all I really liked that image too. Also my boots look exactly like that. [The boots, Fork, the boots.]

  9. Well then, no queer eye for Max.

    Ninety… It has been 90 there? I just checked the temp here and it’s 13. This winter really sucks in the New York area, for weeks we’ve barely warmed up to freezing. Today it’s supposed to hit 40, and tomorrow maybe 50 (woohoo).

  10. max

    It was but the temp dropped and we have been doing the monsoon thing the last couple days.

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