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One of the most — possibly the most — important interviews to watch today with the health care reform bill facing so much opposition in Washington. It is an interview between Bill Moyer and former Head of Public Communications for the CIGNA insurance company Wendell Potter.

It is not a short sound bite, it is the full interview on the PBS site so will take a half hour to watch. Please make the time. It provides an insider’s view into why insurance companies oppose health care reform and, for that matter, any public health plan, and what that is costing Americans.

:::bill moyer interviews wendell potter former CIGNA head of public communications:::

Another important interview by Moyer is his interview with David Frum, a conservative Republican and former speech writer for George Bush who believes, if Republicans block President Obama’s attempts at health care reform, the entire nation will pay a very big price, Republicans and Democrats alike.

:::bill moyer interviews david frum former george bush speech writer:::


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  1. El Jay

    you’re hot!

  2. D.S.M.

    An absolutely riveting interview. God bless Wendell Potter for speaking out. I challenge anyone who still believes that the current system “works” to watch this.

  3. max

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting you guys.

  4. David Avallone

    I would think the math is very simple: if the insurance companies are against it, you should be for it. Clearly they think it’ll eat into their profits. What American (not directly employed by an insurance company) doesn’t want insurance companies to make less money? Crazy.

    Also, you’re hot.

  5. CJ

    It’s really interesting to me (and not in a good way) how the sheeple in the public and Congress are so easily swayed by “The Big Lie”. Then again I’m also amazed (and not in a good way) that people hang on every vemon-coated word spewed by the “fair and balanced” pundits on Fox News and talk radio.

    It helps clear up a lot of questions about how Goebbels was so effective.

  6. max

    Thank you so much for coming by and showing your support you guys.

  7. Max:

    During the film “Platoon,” Charlie Sheen’s character writes a letter to his grandmother which states, “someone once said that hell is the impossibility of reason.” That is exactly where I feel we are right now. Hell.

    There is no reasoning with people who, for whatever reasons (gullibility, low IQ, stand to lose money when their stocks tank, etc…) will not accept the facts about issues. Case in point, there are still people out there who think Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii and/or is Muslim. Facts are irrelevant to these people, instead they believe in magic! They bastardize facts, then call them reality and shout them as loudly and as long as they can until that is what becomes reality itself.

    This isn’t even political anymore. This is an all-out assault on reason. Scientific facts, common sense, and long-term consequences are not being taken into consideration in any way whatsoever anymore while people ponder government sponsored eugenics experiments and the horrors of socialism.

    I am totally disgusted by the greedy bastards in power that I cannot abide it any longer. Profiting over someone’s bad health is shameful! And I’m just as disgusted by the massive throng of followers who are apparently not able to reason anything out for themselves. The irony of which has always been that these puppet masters anal rape their base and then their lap dogs don’t even realize where the pain is actually coming from!

    We socialize many things because it is better that these things are socialized… Like the police, and fire departments, and the educational system. Healthcare somehow slipped through the cracks along the way and NOW is the time to rectify this travesty.

    So what if you pay more taxes for it? If you didn’t you’d just be giving it to some private insurance company anyway! Taxes are NOT bad things IF you actually get something worthwhile for the money. Anyway, I could write a book here ranting about how We the people are bigger morons than I ever imagined but I have to go take a walk or I’m going to puke…

    Angels & Ministers Of Grace Defend Us,

  8. max

    You rock Woe. Thank you for posting.

  9. As someone spent my entire life in the land of free health: it’s pricey, but it’s worth it. Having a heart attack while unemployed won’t plunge your family into crushing debt and force your children to live out of a car.

  10. max

    Thank you AJ. It is a pretty important issue and that is exactly what happens way too often. And that is if they get to keep the car. [wry smile]

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