whoah tower of mordor stats


tower of mordor statsI popped in tonight —

To post about the owls and, Whoah! Tower of Mordor stats!

I’m pretty sure this is about the “it’s tough to be a girl on the internet” post.



Back in the old days when I was posting pretty consistently the blog used to get some heavy traffic. Now I am a dilettante blogger who shows up inconsistently and pops off about whatever strikes me at the moment and blog traffic is gentle.

Until that post.



It would be way cooler if people showed up to see posts about stuff like, Oh, shoes, or the book, instead of just showing up to see me getting kicked in the head by some Twitter follower who is mad I would not give him my phone number. Oh well.


3 Responses to whoah tower of mordor stats

  1. Remember the Gummy Bear posts? Those drove my stats through the ceiling.

  2. Max

    Oh wow, I had not though of the gummy bear posts in an age. Those were hilarious.

  3. Max

    PS: I went and looked up some of the old gummy bear posts, here’s one: max prognosticates on search engine questions & really worries about those gummy bears:

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