who the hell is mike gravel?


Mike Gravel is a Democratic presidential candidate. The one you maybe do not see or hear much about because networks like NBC and CNN exclude him from televised debates.

Mike Gravel is also the man who broke the Pentagon Papers to the American people and the world by pushing them through into the public record.




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  1. Speaking up has it’s risks.
    But God- nothing is sweeter.

  2. Fascinating clip. Imagine if we had CSpan in those days.

  3. Kym

    Great background on the Pentagon papers! I didn’t know all the little stuff. Mike Gavel is pretty interesting and has all the right creds. I’d like to hear some more about his ideas for when he is President though.

  4. max

    He is pretty straight forward about his stand on most issues. He thinks the “war on terror” is made up and should stop now, the war on drugs is over we lost and should stop prohibiting and start treating addiction, opposes the Military Commission Act and Guantanamo, is pro choice, advocates a guest worker program, supports same sex marriage and opposes the Defense of Marriage Act —

    You can see most of his positions at

  5. Kym

    He sounds right on all the issues that I care about. I’ll start paying more attention to him.

  6. max

    He also has a plan for total troop withdrawl.

  7. Most politicians do- they’re just to wimpy to spit it out.

  8. max

    Really? Oddly, during eight years of office, the President has not come up with any plan for withdrawl.

  9. Sure he has- he’s termed out.
    Oh wait you mean for the rest of us…yeah…I see your point.

  10. There is a war on terror, we’re just fighting in the wrong country.

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