white space


releaseOne time this designer —

Was reviewing a page design of mine — we did that for each other, looked at each other’s pages and gave each other feedback — and he was quiet for a while.

Then he said, How the hell do you do that? It is five lines against white. It should be nothing, it should not even be an image, but it is.

I said, Doy, I am a screenwriter, we use the white space.


[ps : this was not the original intended post for tonight but kitty was getting spooked out by images and sending concerned email and tonight’s was going to be really grim so i will hold off on that one]


where the art work comes from :
that is release from arab queen

10 Responses to white space

  1. Oh that’s right, like my own tweak stories don’t keep me awake at nights…now I’m going to be thinking…what if, what if….


  2. max

    What if what, Miss Anita?


  3. Nah, bring out the grim.
    You changed that other photo, too. You!

  4. What if….

    at the First Funeral Service I’d directed the Coffin went straight into the ground instead of getting stuck part way because the grave diggers didn’t dig it wide enough?

    Would I still laugh so much when I write?


  5. When my mom was pregnant with me my aunts pushed her into my grandfathers grave. Anita just made me think of it….makes me laugh always! Preganant woman trying to claw her way out of a grave! No doubt my grandfather hated her as well as my aunts.

    Max, Your design style is impeccable. How did you come to choose writing with so many talents to choose from?

  6. max

    Writing was hardest.

    I say that being flip but it is probably true. When I was a kid, given a choice of what to do or how to do it, I always went for the most difficult thing to accomplish and the most difficult way to accomplish it. And I am not sure that has changed much. Damn. It.

  7. I like that Max unashamedly uses the word “doy”

  8. sulya

    As the daughter of a visual artist I have long since been brow-beaten with the concept of “negative space” (what you call the “white space”).

    A useful lesson. In some areas of my life it doesn’t assimilate so well as it does in others, though…

  9. max

    It is a big component of writing for film, and a big component of film itself. If you watch Kurusawa films, that guy is all about using negative space.

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