whistle while you bank


cat on radiatorOkay this is —

Totally bizarre and funny. And I have to post it because the Scottish Fold whistles! Yay!

:::see the scottish fold whistle:::

[That is for you, Stil.]

This is also allegedly from a bank which is either a bank with brilliant marketing plans or a bank-like website with very funny ideas about banking. You pick.

Also I would embed the singing kittehs but hello WordPress does not like embeds. Oops.


ps : look how feng shui those singing kittehs are they have a contemplative fountain wow even cute with chris kittehs do not have that

pps : yes i know that is not a scottish fold in the photo do you know how hard it is to find good scottish fold pics?, that is right, almost as hard as finding good cat collar pics


where the art work comes from :
that is from saul gm

where i nabbed this :
i found the link at rain’s where else?

27 Responses to whistle while you bank

  1. Hey, this is MY bank! Here on the West Coast of Oz, we have many strange afflictions. This is just one more in a continuing series!

  2. max

    I am jealous. I do not know of a single bank in the Stripes that has singing cats.

  3. californiablogging

    This was awesome! Zach liked it. I have good News, Oprah’s online marketing agency picked my twitter BookClubClass to be the Oprah/Tolle Twitter for the event and I’ll be on her website. Please join Max, You are a huge part of my online experience and It’s just off, if you don’t join.

  4. Loading Kittehs
    Loading Piano
    Loading Hello Scottish Fold AK-47

    it was amusing and surreal for me.
    how was it for you?

  5. oooh i forgot: i adore scottish folds.

  6. max

    Rachael! Do not AK-47 the kittehs! Jeez.

    Jen, this is terrible, I do not really know what Twitter is. I know you talk about it a lot but have never actually followed up to figure out what it is.

    That is really exciting about you being on Oprah though. Yay!

  7. max

    [I have to turn in my computer nerd card now right?]

  8. max

    Okay, having looked up Twitter, I am way too boring for Twitter. Truly. What would my updates say? Hello, just reviewed four treatments, one script, and twenty-five student assignments. Made big efforts not to mock students. On way to workshop chat. Wrote a couple blog posts. Walked to post office. Will exercise later.

    And anything that might be really interesting, well I am not telling. [wink]

  9. californiablogging

    Acutally, those are awesome twitters! I laugh, ha ha ha, in way are YOU boring!

  10. max

    You are funny Jen. I think too because I have had stalker issues in the past I would be uncomfortable having a running commentary on my day to day stuff out there might make it real easy for someone I did not know to know my exact whereabouts throughout the day.

  11. californiablogging

    You’ve had enough stalkers to make one of those spooky jump rope songs!

  12. max

    Jeez no kidding. I am thinking the law of averages has to make me stalker free for the rest of time though.

  13. I’m thinking of starting an entirely fictional Twitter. Like, “fed the hippogriffs. Bloody things won’t touch the Cat Chow, so now I have to find Hippokibble” etc etc.

  14. max

    Now that would be a fun Twitter.

  15. californiablogging

    FakeBillOReilly is an awesome twitter! fake twitters are great! FYI you can have it set to private so only your students ( or anyone you accept) get your messages. The real Obama and other politicians have one. LAFD has the best one. They Twitter before it hits the news. I am mostly a lame follower.

  16. max

    You cannot be that lame, Oprah chose you.

  17. californiablogging

    Ha ha not exactly..Oprah’s people’s people found me but I am making the most of it!

  18. californiablogging

    No, I don’t, and that’s why I wanted you to join my Twitter group. In case they decided to bring my online group to the show, at least I’d know one capable and articulate person would be there! ( Same for Kitty, I guess I was hoping for two, that I know and trust) I need a co-monitor, I am not even sure if Zach will stay well for ten mondays in a row!

  19. californiablogging

    Oh the positive side, I have to believe it will work out just because it showed up. I’m taking the ride, hopefully it won’t feel at all like falling! LOL

  20. max

    I would feel disingenuous getting on the group because you are Oprah bound. I am sure there are good people in your group though and it will be great.

  21. californiablogging

    Boy, do I understand that! Although I am reading the book so I have a bit of integrity. I have learned a lot from you in the blog world and I just might be able to step up to the plate and pull this off. If not we’ll have major drunk blogging going on…he he My apologies if I offended you, it’s an Irish compliment!

  22. max

    I will wear my “everybody loves a drunk girl” t-shirt. [wink]

  23. How could you say that, Max? All Scottish Fold pics are good because they are so damn cute! Just look at their innocent little owl like faces, how could you ever go wrong with a Scottish Fold? And their sweet little meows and their big and luminous alien like eyes? And let’s not forget those adorable ears – folded and unfolded – they never claw at you, just bat, because they are God’s gift to pet owners.

    Oh. Did I tell you how much I loved Scottish Folds?

  24. Max, are they singing M A X in this video? That is what it sounds like. Seriously! How did you get the cats to sing your name?

  25. max

    When you submit to the site, it asks for your name and the kittehs sing your name.

    It cracks me up big time.

    Welcome back you I have missed you.

  26. Thank you, Max, not quite back yet, but what would a week be without reading the Celluloid Blonde?

    Reminder – tell Raincoaster the same thing lol

    Jen, fake twitters are indeed great. ;)

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