while i was saving the world


Dear Diary :

Washed dishes. Took out trash. Did laundry. Battled forces of darkness. Saved the world.

My socks are very fluffy.




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  2. You’re up early/late

  3. max

    Yes but I have clean sheets so it works out.

    How are you Lulu?

  4. Well, it’s 7:30ish here, so I’m definitely up early–can’t sleep–too much stiffness and pain in the back. Sigh. Clean sheets are the best! I’m great otherwise, though. At least I get a chance to read my favorite blogs.

  5. max

    Aw, you. Thanks.

    You could borrow my heating pad, “The Heating Pad That Is Named Sexy Rugby Player.” He is kind of tiffy though, something about a troublesome on off switch.

  6. Hmmm–does he have a massage attachment? I am definitely in if there is anything even resembling massage.

  7. max

    LOL — no, he is a very plain heating pad, he just has a fancy name.

  8. Well, fancy names do make things more fun. I just had a quick soak in a hot tub (bath tub with hot water in it, not wonderful, full jet swirling hot tub). It helped a little. Maybe I have the wrong attitude. Maybe I took a jaunt in a nice European Spa. That’s it—I feel better already. Now where is that Mimosa I ordered? The waitstaff is so damn slow around here.

  9. Hey, I did elf work all night too. Sometimes a bath and clean sheets and the kid can’t resist. He got cozy and slept for a couple hours. We call em snappy naps and they are good.

  10. I am going to think of a name for my heating pad too.

  11. Bernhard……. lol for a heating pad!

  12. Bernhard is good. I like that.

  13. Swen was my first thought……now I am just cold here and so I go.

  14. Yawn… Good morning.

    I just woke up. I saved all my elf work for today, so I could drink wine all last night. I might need that heating pad. I’ll need to rename it, “Sexy Field Hockey Player” though. My shoulders and chest are killing me today from my stint at the gym yesterday.

    I need serious amounts of coffee too… SERIOUS.

  15. max

    Woeful you just strip all my preconceptions of librarians by being too studly.

  16. max

    Whoa. We are on blog o’ the minute. Everyone hide the heating pads and spruce.

  17. Do you have Aprils Fools Look out elves on gaurd? I lost my comment.

  18. I salvaged the joke and used it on Valliant. LOL

  19. max

    Not me. It is stuck in the spam filter. Is the moment past or should I release it?

  20. Trash it, I recycled it already. A girl and her joke knows no patience.

  21. I had to sacrifice you and Stiletto to pull it off though…….uh, April Fools!

  22. max

    Oh jeez. You posted it on his site?

    You realize now a throng of disgruntled Canadians who do judo and have probably heard one too many “beer eh?” jokes from Americans are reading that right now right?

  23. Now, I am going to try to use my kid to pull off some seriously crafty phone calls. What else can I do? They are expecting something from me………

  24. max

    Do they do April Fools in other countries or is this just some whackiness we do here?

    It is time for Wikipedia.

  25. I am from Minnesota, I am practically Canadian myself. And I know Tai Chi so whatever.

  26. Wikipedia for a thousand please.

  27. max

    Wikipedia says it covers a bunch of countries. Wow, the Dutch staged a total uprising against Spain on April 1 too. Who knew the Dutch were such joiners?

  28. max

    Oh. My. God.


    People are going to follow your link and see your “ode.”

    I have to move to Switzerland now and change my name.


  29. Well, that was a daily double. Did it say who started the joking and pranks? Becasuse who ever did will be a deity at my altar forever.

  30. Nobody follows my links, I am mom blog….it’s boring.

  31. max

    It says it is hotly disputed [those English and French will fight about anything] but I am betting on an Englishman. They produced Chaucer. It has got to be the English.

  32. “You realize now a throng of disgruntled Canadians who do judo and have probably heard one too many “beer eh?” jokes from Americans are reading that right now right?”

    You will never offend a Canadian by highlighting our fondness for beer, and the coldness of our nation. Both are highly accurate and badges of honor. Though in truth I am a Gin and tonic man myself.

  33. max

    I wondered why those Saint Bernards came back smelling of gin and perfume.

  34. Do you take that straight up or do you go outside and take a chip off an ice berg and have it on the rocks? LOL

  35. It really hurts when No Fear come flying out the nostrils. I am off to torture people with my jokes and hopefully I won’t have to use any of my self defense training. ……..

    OH god if only I good April Fools your neighbors! That would be so beautiful!

  36. max

    Wow you just took out an Eastern quarter of Canada and you want more?

    That is what I call a Protestant work ethic.

  37. I’m doing my best to destroy stereotypes (i.e., your last comment on my blog and my response). BTW, my poison is usually scotch. Oh, and a shout out to all my friends from the Great White North too! Nothing like a girl who says, “aboot.”

  38. max

    It is April Fool’s Day and to prove it the computers turned their clocks forward an hour to confuse and disorient me.

    [This has something to do with Daylight Saving’s Time moving right? If not, the computers have achieved sentience and it is time to make that run for the Antarctic Circle.]

  39. Yeah, I was looking at your clock because I have two in the house that are wrong. But then I noticed yours ain’t tuned up either.

  40. Such is the life of people who play on the net!

  41. max

    What is going to happen to post time date stamps if I change it? Are they going to post date?

    Oh the drama.

  42. One of nature’s true mysteries… All I can say is make sure you have Microsoft’s critical updates up-to-date. Apple people, I don’t know what to tell you (I jumped ship last year – I miss my Mac.)

  43. max

    Poor bastard. No Mac? That is so wrong.

  44. Although they’re both useless, this video won’t come up on my computer for some reason. Maybe I need to reboot.

  45. I know! I had a Mac ever since the Apple Classic II. Then my G4 Cube began acting odd and I caved and bought a Compaq laptop… I still have the Cube though (the marvel of design that it is).

    Now I feel dirty :(

  46. max

    Okay you have to make the video play. It is Unicorn vs. Narwhal and you will reach old age and die incomplete if you do not watch it.

  47. Yes, the girl calms the horny beasts. Sadly, she doesn’t seem to have any work-life balance.

  48. max

    This may explain why I relate to her.

    Now I have to go do some offline work. Ooops.

    Nobody play with matches while I am gone.

  49. If that Dragon was really her friend he’d have cooked that guy BEFORE he got to stroll off


    PS Killer Unicorns?! Ha I knew it…Harry Potter and those guys that make those ‘My Pretty Ponies ” are a bunch of liars.

    I KNEW those horns meant trouble.

  50. Reach old age then die? At least you have high aspirations for my future.

  51. max

    Well there is something wrong with that sentence, it should say something like far far from now when you reach old age and die. It is not an immediate thing.

    Anita, you crack me up. Yes, a real friend dragon would have torched him.

  52. Z

    The YouTube video? Awesome.

    Fluffy socks? Even more awesome. (Except that I have a sock aversion, which is why I wear sandles in the winter.)

  53. Wow, looks like there was a party in here. At least the house was clean.

  54. max

    Yes there was you are late. Nice outfit though. Prada?

  55. I didn’t know there was a party, I came in the usual, my filthy train pants.

  56. max

    Well everything looks like Prada on you.

  57. There is a restless black cat on this blog and it has powers.

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