where is that festive thing?


lone_tree_gaylaI am trying —

To get that feeling of festive but it just is not hitting and I just stare in a surprised way at the Christmas ornamentation around me and read announcements like ten days away! Nine days away! Eight days away!

And I do not really believe them.

Can it really be that close to Christmas?

I have things on my mind. So I bury myself in things like tetrizz or the vampire game and that is really just pretending if I ignore things long enough they will just go away. That never works on the laundry though so you know it will not work on much else but I still give it a shot sometimes just to see.

And meanwhile it IS Christmas season. But it does not feel like it yet to me. Or maybe it just felt really like Christmas when I got the camera and now it is funny to me everyone else is carrying on about Christmas. What? Christmas? That already came and went what are you funny people carrying on about?


[ps: everyone remember this year we are not giving santa milk and cookies we are popping for something nice like maybe some spare change for a new suit got it?]


where the art work comes from :
that is by gayla

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  1. Stiletto

    It’s not cold enough in LA to feel like Christmas.

  2. But the snow on wordpress tells us it must be close to Christmas. Here in Minneapolis, driving through a long-slow commute caused by snow and bitter cold kinda makes it hard not to notice. I’ll send this weather your way.

  3. max

    It is pretty damn cold in L.A. right now.

    Wait. Look at who I am talking to.

    Never mind.

  4. Must be something in the water. I have been completely unable to get into the holiday spirit. It is completely bah and humbug, but not necessarily in that order.

    Maybe it’s the fourth anniversary of being unemployed? Maybe it’s the prospect of trying to figure where we’re going to get an extra $80/month for the daughter’s auto insurance starting February. Maybe it’s being trapped in this gawd-fucking-awful town of Dayton, Ohio.

    I don’t know……..

  5. Try listening to Christmas music. The Charlie Brown Christmas CD always gets me in the spirit. Or go on youtube and watch clips of Christmas cartoons.

    Hey, I just noticed that as I move my cursor, the direction of the snow changes.

  6. Is it Christmas, oh hell. It doesn’t snow where I’m from. Kids play with sticks and rocks they don’t have toys. Santa doesn’t come to ‘Eua just the odd tourist. Whats the vampire game? sounds fun. I like vampires, wish I was one, although It wouldn’t be long until I ate everyone on this Island up, then I’d starve, I don’t think vampires can cross water, can they?

  7. It didn’t feel like Christmastime until I put up the tree.

    Did you get any snow yesterday?

  8. max

    If there is snow mixed in with that rain I cannot see it but it is sure cold enough to snow.

    Grace, you are a darling but I was never a real Charlie Brown fan. I am more sort of a, oh, well, hmm. Ascerbic.

  9. PS Bring a robe. I keep the apartment around sixty. Even in winter.

  10. Julie

    I have grown weary of conjuring the Christmas spirit. My family is far away and I didn’t put up a tree. Had this bright idea of a “quiet” holiday. Will not make this mistake next year. I need lots of people and lots of food.

  11. max

    It is not too late.

    Should I be worried Stil says do not worry about clothes just bring a robe and swim suit? To Virginia? In December?

    Signing out as popsickle max

  12. Stiletto

    Max, you make it sound as if you’re visiting the Hefner mansion!

  13. max

    Hey I am not the one saying “bring a robe and swimsuit to snow land.”

  14. “It is pretty damn cold in L.A. right now.”

    I’ll try to drum up some sympathy for you during my hour walk to work in -25 degree weather.

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