where is my thimble


In advanced —

Feng shuit wardrobe activity I am fixing clothes that need fixing. Like pants I bought at some point that are too long that I said I could just hem and then —

Never hemmed.

[This happens a lot because I am not tall. Damn. It.]

If I were really savvy I would drop stuff with a tailor and hems would be done in a jiff no aches no pains but I have been sewing since I was three so paying someone else to sew is decadent to me. The irony being, buying pants I never wear because they have not been hemmed is more decadent but anyway —

Last night I did hems and pockets. On everything except the jeans. [Pockets is when you have clothes that are great but they hang wrong because the pockets like to gape and ruin the shape. So you sew those pockets closed.] Jeans I cannot do without a machine because denim is too thick. But even with soft fabrics you end up with a lot of little pin pricks in your finger tips when you sew without a thimble.

Now I have pants that are not too long. And lots of little holes in my finger tips.


where the art work comes from :
that is from ena & the swan

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  1. Sewing the pockets closed? That is genius, I never thought of that.

  2. Invisible hems.

    Whenever i get new work pants, there’s this issue with invisible hems. Princess has to go back to old pairs and see how they’re done, and then try to replicate the technique.

    You’d think we’d write it down or something.

  3. max

    But you want to, right?

  4. aj

    Deep down I probably do but on the surface I feel the need to downright dismiss it.

  5. max

    Do you have a fever? What have you done with the irascible and vengeful AJ I know and love?

  6. aj

    You must have me confused. I am but a delicate flower.

  7. max

    A delicate flower like a brick is a delicate flower.

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