when feet betray


irreverentI always thought —

My mother was somewhat odd because we would walk into a shoe store and she would try on shoes two sizes too small. This happened every time we walked into a shoe store. She would ask for shoes two sizes too small. Then she would ask for the next size up. Still too small. Then she would ask for the next size up again. And then the shoes would fit.


My mother told stories about my grandmother’s feet growing. My mother had different theories for why. One was when my grandmother moved to California she went barefoot a lot and that made her feet grow. Another was when my grandmother was pregnant the babies made her feet grow. Both kind of suspect theories to me and my grandmother never spoke about such things so I figured my mother just liked those stories because she liked saying my grandmother had big feet.


One day a friend told me her feet grew and now half her shoes did not fit. This was a much more credible source than a family member.


I used to have pretty small feet as feet go. Guys in a kitchen I worked in made jokes about the day I would tip over on my Cinderella feet. But I guess adult feet do grow. Mine just did that. It is not all bad. I tend to get shoes big so most of my shoes still fit. But my favorite favorite black patent leather pumps that always fit perfectly do not fit now. They are too small.

Patent leather does not stretch.


where the art work comes from :
that is one half of irreverence by chaofsky

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  1. Mine grew. 5 1/2 when I was in high school and college. Then 6 for a while after the kids were born. Then 6 1/2 until just recently, I sometimes have to get a 7. (I lost weight, but not, apparently, in my feet.)

    Which reminds me, I need to weed out my closet.

  2. Dan

    Not sure I can really comment on this problem. I’ve been a 12 1/2-13 for almost a decade.

    But, love the picture…it, um, speaks to me.

  3. I buy my shoes big- I have small feet and a giant …um, anyway it sort of balances things out.

  4. max

    I sure hope they stop growing. Imagine if they do not and just keep getting a size bigger every decade? By the time I am eighty I am going to have a problem walking but I guess swimming will be a breeze.

  5. Giant toes?

    My feet shrank and I have narrow heels. I wish I could become a mermaid and never deal with the stress of finding the right fit.

  6. max

    Wow just as I am getting used to the concept of feet growing past childhood now feet shrink too?

  7. Perfect excuse to buy new shoes.

  8. max

    It is but I am never going to find a pair of black pumps as perfect as the ones that are too tight now.

  9. aj

    Size ten here, nowhere to go really.

  10. max

    Well hey there Cinderella.

  11. Kym

    I like the idea that feet shrink. I know mine have grown now maybe they will get smaller.

    Yah, right!

  12. ‘It is but I am never going to find a pair of black pumps as perfect as the ones that are too tight now.’

    That’s funny.

  13. max

    Oh you just think it is funny because you are not here listening to me cry into my soda over my black pumps.

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