when cleaning products go too far

stockings_iPhrases that should not apply to delicate regions of my body:

“Lemony fresh.”
“Minty fresh.”
“Just like pine.”
“When will that turkey be done?”

This thought brought to you courtesy of Stilletto’s scary Lysol post.





10 Responses to when cleaning products go too far

  1. Coming from an Era when stories about Werewolves and Zombies were banned- and let us not forget the nifty way that minorities were treated…can’t say I’m surprised.


  2. Or my personal favorite, “causes burns.”

  3. When will that turkey be done? Oh!

  4. I think sticking in a thermometer would help.

  5. max

    I almost put in “just like mom used to do it” but I just could not take that extra step off the cliff.

  6. LMAO – please don’t hurt yourself over there!

  7. Okay, I have almost 700 blog posts to read (I have lost track of time) but oh my oh my oh my I am not sure whether to laugh or grab a crucifix and garlic.


  8. max

    Laugh, but laugh with a crucifix and garlic clenched in your little paw. It is the only way to be sure.

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