When I was a small child —

Indoctrinated into the public school system I was told the people who founded this country were people religiously persecuted who fled to these soils to escape that. And, after they did escape that, they made it a rule: The state would never impose religion again. Ever. Or discriminate against religion. Of any kind. The end.

This year a man ran for president, was in the running for president saying he thinks the Constitution should be rewritten in the words, enforced in the words, of his religion.


That man did not win his party’s support. He got shoved aside. Not popular enough. He just did not rate cheerleader status.


Now his ugly brother is running.

And his ugly sister.

They say the same thing. Just with different words.


where the art work comes from :
that is from ted drake

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  1. Actually, the Puritans came to America to escape their own religious persecution and immediately established their own form of religious persecution upon arrival. They only wanted freedom of religion for themselves…

  2. I am so disgusted with those two, I cannot wait until this election is over. But I am afraid that even after they lose and crawl back to where they came from, the damage has already been done.

  3. max

    Good point Woe. “We are tired of being persecuted, let’s go some place new and persecute others yay!”

  4. Obama, if elected, is going to have his work cut out for him… I just hope we all still have jobs. The next round of economic badness will center around people defaulting on their credit cards en masse and it’s already beginning. Citigroup just declared $100s of millions in writedowns due to this.

  5. forkboy

    From Benjamin Franklin (one of those so-called Christian founding fathers) “Lighthouses are more helpful than churches,” and from another Christian founding father, Thomas Paine, “Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst.”

  6. max

    Look, there is no beginning here. The financial disaster has already hit and been in progress for several years. The only reason some people have missed it is there is a press blackout. And the only reason people have to see any of it now is the press blackout cannot counter the whole wall street empire toppling. So. Financial collapse is not a surprise. Or should not be to anyone paying attention. Myself, I would not want to be picking up this fiasco at all. This disaster is years old and I do not know if it can be fixed.

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