what those insurance kids are making these days


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What the health insurance CEO’s are drawing down these days. You know, those people who actually decide whether or not you get medical treatment? If you even have insurance? A hell of a lot of Americans do not.

:::what those ceo’s are making:::

Take a good hard look at those numbers. I know. They are so huge the mind kind of blanks out just looking at them. But look at them. Absorb them.

That is what the guy who currently tells you no your kid’s bone marrow transplant is just not in the cards gets paid.


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  1. forkboy1965

    On way to frame the argument for single-payer healthcare might be to suggest that if this nation so values its protection from enemies that we have, in essence, a single-payer defense system, then why should we value in less the health and well-being of Americans?

    If protecting us from any given enemy is a paramount matter, then how can protecting our health be any different?

  2. max

    No. That just makes it more confusing for people who have trouble following issues in the first place. Putting it into metaphor or simile will not help. Though parable might hmm… 100 years from today ahh!

    I am a proponent of the single payer system and also of the flat tax system however I am also a pragmatist. There is absolutely no way to come in, attempt to achieve universal health care or at least a close approximation of, overnight, and cut the insurance companies out of the equation immediately or entirely. The insurance companies are rooted in the medical system and must, if this is to be an immediate address of some of the problems within the health care system, be incorporated and utilized in some way. And, if a bureaucrat is attempting to achieve something overnight, which Obama is, in trying to guarantee a portion of the population that currently has no health care health care guarantees, then he must work with what he has. Later on, he can work on changing the system. Right now, he is trying to take what is there and make it incorporate more. And that is a valid endeavor.

  3. Excellent post, Max.

    Already as it is, the government pays for the oldest and the poorest who also happen to be the sickest and most expensive to treat (Medicare and Medicaid).

    I see all these people in the town halls raising hell (via tv, I haven’t seen it in person) and it looks like they are the AARP crowd. And I’m thinking all we want is what they got and we haven’t even asked for that. Yet.

  4. G Eagle Esq

    The Lady Max

    My Lady

    Points well-made – these numbers are obscene

    …. surely, even at a tithe (or 1% …or 0.001%) of these “Remuneration Packages”, there would be no shortage of individuals who would do as good a job as these Greedies

    Your Ladyship’s obedient servant etc

    G E

  5. Here’s the deal boys and girls… The overriding reason that I voted for Obama was what he wants to do with healthcare. Universal healthcare should be a basic building block of any developed civilization. It is no different than having a police force to keep order, a fire department to keep people and property from going up in smoke, or an educational system to insure that people share a basic level of understanding fundamental concepts (hopefully much more).

    I believe in capitalism. I believe that it’s the best system to encourage growth and innovation, and that it can afford the common man much “more” than what he started with. That said, can anyone imagine Blackwater running their City PD? Sadly, this is exactly the situation that we have right now with health insurance companies. What kind of people take pride by profiting from denying people the best opportunities that they have to maintain their health? That’s sick! And that’s also why free market healthcare is a bad idea…

  6. “That said, can anyone imagine Blackwater running their City PD? Sadly, this is exactly the situation that we have right now with health insurance companies.”

    That is an exceptional analogy.

  7. max

    I worry about Blackwater. It is a private army that answers to a private employer and I do not think privately held armies belong on U.S. soil.

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