what people do in the face of impending death


after_dinner_iI do not know —

What other people do facing impending starvation. I know what I do. I order groceries.

It is a very odd thing. Most of the time I do not eat a lot. When I am worried about cash flow? I eat like a ninja. So. A strike is possibly coming? My panic response is order groceries.

I will eat all of these groceries in like two days flat so it won’t help. If a strike hits it will not be for a month at least. But I am thinking about it today so eating like it is today. This means by the time a strike actually hits if it does hit I will be a size six at least half my clothes will not fit and I will be out of grocery cash. It makes no sense but that is how it works.


A strike is not actually a life threatening scenario. I have been in life threatening scenarios. They are much more immediate. Like, someone is trying to kill or damage or maim you right now. The thing about those though is, you have someplace to put your adrenalin. You can fight back.


where the art work comes from :
that is from hello brappy

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  1. Max, I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this is over soon.

  2. Dan

    I’m hoping for the best, Max, for you and everyone else this will affect.

    You’d think the AMPTP would have learned its lesson after the WGA strike…no one is on their side.

    The suit-wearing-lily-white bastards!

  3. max

    At this point the AMPTP just appears to be an extension of Bush politics. I do not know why anyone is still supporting it. It is killing the town.

  4. I guess the idea is to eat now, while one can, and build up those reserves in the event of a protracted strike.

    Kind of like a camel’s hump……

    Boy. That sure wasn’t the analogy for which I was looking….

  5. aj

    This post makes me laugh. I remember the last grocery binge.

  6. When I worked in the Funeral Home I could tell you the name of every resturaunt, fast food place and what grocery stores were within a 30 mile radius of the area I worked and lived in.

    I can’t explain that either.

  7. Maybe you should just order really, really boring food. Like lettuce and oatmeal. At least you’ll lose weight, because who could eat enough of those to get fat?

  8. max

    Damn you Rain, what are you looking at the lading billing?

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