what kind of bitch are you?


corset backThis one is by request from Jennifer.

What Kind of Bitch are you?


Not A Bitch


Psycho Bitch


Angelic Bitch


Preppy Bitch


Drama Bitch


Lazy Bitch


Slutty Bitch



You scored : Not A Bitch

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31 Responses to what kind of bitch are you?

  1. aj

    Angelic Bitch 70%
    Lazy Bitch 30%
    Preppy Bitch 30%
    Not a Bitch 25% (They are just being nice)
    Psycho Bitch 20%
    Drama Bitch 20%
    Slutty Bitch 15%

  2. max

    Oh. Angelic btch.

  3. You scored as a Not A Bitch

    Not A Bitch 65%
    Angelic Bitch 45%
    Drama Bitch 40%
    Preppy Bitch 35%
    Lazy Bitch 30%
    Slutty Bitch 15%
    Psycho Bitch 10%

  4. I’m afraid to take that test. I’m pretty sure it will show 95% lazy bitch.

  5. and the boy scores as . . .

    psycho bitch 90%

    i think it was the biting

    angelic bitch 80%

    how the @#$@#!! does that work?

    not a bitch 45%
    drama bitch 25%
    lazy bitch 25%
    slutty bitch 15%
    preppy bitch 15%

    does anyone know why these quizzes never end up equaling 100%?

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  7. You scored as a Not A Bitch

    Not A Bitch

    Angelic Bitch

    Psycho Bitch

    Lazy Bitch

    Drama Bitch

    Slutty Bitch

    Preppy Bitch


    I’m good as long as Preppy Bitch is at 0%
    the rest- well, who am I to argue with science?

  8. You scored as a Not A Bitch

    Preppy Bitch 45%
    Not A Bitch 45%
    Angelic Bitch 40%
    Slutty Bitch 40%
    Drama Bitch 35%
    Psycho Bitch 30%
    Lazy Bitch 25%

    What the hell is a preppy bitch anyway? I’m not preppy…

  9. Vanessa:

    I consulted the Wiki Gods for you and here’s your answer:


  10. max

    Well they should have distinguished between kinds of biting if I were not single that answer would have been a little different.

  11. You’re not a bitch at all, Max?

    Hmm. Woeful might beg to differ. Oh god, I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist.

    I hesitate to take this quiz.

  12. max

    Jeez. Did I do something to Woeful too?

  13. You scored as Not A Bitch, Not A Bitch70% Lazy Bitch55% Slutty Bitch55% Preppy Bitch55% Angelic Bitch50% Drama Bitch45% Psycho Bitch45% What kind of Bitch are you? lazy, evil, find out!created with

    I think there was some sort of glitch here…

  14. Ooops! I meant Firm! Sorry!

  15. I don’t know why but I always get their names mixed up! Sorry for the scare!

    BTW, I have a comment in moderation…

  16. max

    Men are so fragile. Every time I turn around I have broken another one. Jeesh.

  17. And with those words the admirers shall come forth by air and sea and land…

    and they shall be crawling towards instead of running away FROM you Max

    You’ll see.

  18. aj

    Wow, most people got ‘not a bitch’ as a result.

    This places me in the minority and warrants a bumper sticker.

  19. Hey, Thanks Max!

    I am 390% bitch! Now that’s a quiz that has me pegged…. : )

    I have been wondering what it is that you do to men, Max. I don’t think you so much break them as to bring them to their knees and create a need to bear their souls… I wish you could put some of that in a bottle, I’d pay cash money for that, yep.

  20. max

    Oh sheesh the only man I have done anything to around here is Valliant and he is not in a body bag it is not me it is them.

  21. OK but I wouldn’t be surprised to find lavender under your pillow : )

  22. max

    There are some breath right strips. No lavender.

    Say did you ever see that documentary on what opposite genders are drawn to? It was hosted by John Corbett and said men are drawn to the scents of lavender and Good ‘N Plenties.

    I so want to know what researcher was wafting Good ‘N Plenties under men’s noses saying, “Are you aroused? On a scale of one to ten, how aroused?”

  23. I never saw that but I thought I read something about baby power, suntan oil and pumkin pie…… Do they have Good and Plenty candles?

  24. max

    There was pumpkin pie. I forgot that part.

  25. Anita – Awfully kind of you to find me the definitive answer to the “preppy” question. I hereby declare that quiz to be a piece of shite. I couldn’t be less preppy if I tried. It’s everything I abhor.

  26. You may be right Vaness, but I am 390% bitch doesn’t really matter which type they call me. : )

  27. My nephew loves Good N Plenty.

  28. Never seen him sport wood.

  29. I know that was sick.

    BTW, I forgot to tell you, my comment never went in moderation. So you can stop looking heeheehee

  30. You scared me with that one Stiletto, for a min there I thought I might have to take away Zachary’s pumkin pie and never let him try good and plenty…..

  31. Jennifer, I love the way you look at things. Refreshing, really lol

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