what is wrong with this picture?


the_closer castle saving_grace rizzoli_isles  in_plain_sight






Okay nothing is wrong with this picture if this is a casting call for a L’Oreal commercial.

There is something wrong if all of these are female law enforcement characters on TV and every single one of them has long, flowing unbound hair —

While. Chasing. Bad. Guys.


That hair is a handle for any bad guy to grab and use to bounce your head off the nearest hard surface.

Also how are you going to fire a gun at a moving target if you are trying to shove Rapunzel locks out of your eyes just to see the target?

What is it with female cop characters on TV and long flowing unbound hair?

Also do not get me started on female coroner characters.  You want your hair falling into, um, corpse goo?  Seriously?  Ahhh!


[PS: I have to give Sleepy Hollow’s Abbie Mills — played by Nicole Beharie — some points, once in a while she binds some hair back from her face.]


[PPS: :::Hot Sexy Short Hair:::]


4 Responses to what is wrong with this picture?

  1. Check out cold case, short hair, blond

  2. Max

    Or you could post a link. I am not your research assistant.

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  4. Its used to make the new police state look sexy..look around you porn, bondage are now in. Why not make arresting someone look hot? You know train the ignorant masses to enjoy a gropping and handcuffs.

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