what hurts?


Isn’t it odd —

How many times a person will hammer a nail, knowing, if you do that, odds are you will smash your thumb bad. No biggy, people will keep swinging hammers risking that hurt. But threaten one emotional hit? People will run like they are on fire.



where the art work comes from :
that is from cereal killer 72

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  1. Sarah

    Physical pain subsides easily. Emotional, not so much.

  2. “A bruised heart never stopped a half decent man
    from shunning the eventual net of love.” –From the poem, “After,” by Vincent James Turner

  3. max

    Wow, Tri, you are all romantic today.

  4. aj

    Self preservation is a natural instinct.

  5. Hi Max.
    I was in the midwest for a week…I needed my west coast fix and I thought of your blog first!
    anita marie.

  6. max

    Jeez you were red stating it? Do not do that.

  7. I was in Iowa.
    Do you know you don’t need a passport to get in there?
    It’s true!

  8. max

    “Do you know you don’t need a passport to get in there?”

    Oh now I know you are making that up.

  9. For real, I was there…Luis had his 40 year highschool reunion.
    In Iowa.
    Where you WILL starve to death if you live off of seafood and food with seasonings.

  10. max

    I would probably love the food in Iowa. I could happily live off steak and potatoes forever. Isn’t that one of those places where they call jello “salad” though?

  11. Ben

    Iowa is tilting toward Obama.

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