well this is wrong


red dog green dogSo here is the thing I find disturbing.

On Drunken Blogging Night? Oh, five hundred plus visits.

On Drunken Birthday Night? Color me frisky. Five hundred plus visits.

On Emergency Pet Food Recall Night?

No visits.

Not really. There were visits. But not 500. Not even 100. I mean, we are talking seriously lame. And okay. It was St. Patrick’s Day. But still.

Ask me which matters. Me drinking? Or saving furry kids with four paws and a tail?

Hint: Saving furry kids with four paws and a tail.

Wow this is such an easy exam.

Go save someone furry with four paws and a tail right now you slackers.


where the artwork came from :
that is red dog green dog by ethan azarian

11 Responses to well this is wrong

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I had 20 hits on my blog yesterday by people who were just searching for the word, “cock.” This doesn’t include all the other searches by perverts… But it was a milestone day for that one word alone.

    Why on St. Patrick’s Day? I dunno?

  2. max

    Libraries sure get interesting action these days, Woeful.

  3. All your posts mentioned(500+) had a picture and the emergency pet food recall post didn’t – its all about advertisement/marketing – you can even sell a stone – if advertised well :)

  4. Mark

    By now it must have surpassed 500+.

  5. max

    Well yeah, De Beers proved that.

    Technically I think the 500 plus visit days were 5 people visiting a hundred times while we misbehaved but the idea is still there, the pet food recall is pretty important. And look. This post has a pretty picture. Nifty, huh?

  6. tj

    Thanks for the post. Luckily I don’t get any of those brands of food for Achilles. Even though he scared me because he threw up for some reason but he is fine now.

  7. max

    Achilles has been into the green beer stash, right?

  8. tj

    LOL. That may have been it….

  9. max

    The green dog tongue is a real giveaway.

  10. Oh my god, this is really awful but I “adopted” a dog who was abused and gave him back three days later because it got into something green in the dumpster and jumped onto my bed and you know the rest.

    His paws were green when I gave him back. I even have pics. I know, that makes me an awful human being. I think I knew from that point on that I was a cat person.

    To this day I have no idea what that green stuff was. Probably some miscreant dumping paint in the dumpster.

  11. max

    I am getting worried here. I keep hearing about sick dogs and cats that were not on brands from Menu Foods. And they are coming down with liver failure too. I do not think at this point it is safe to be feeding animals any manufactured dog and cat food till something gets figured out here because something is very wrong and not just with the Menu Foods recalls.

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    I would like to consolidate in one topic.

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