welcome to grey's anatomy you are izzie

katherine heiglI took that Grey’s Anatomy Quiz. It told me I am Izzie. I was like, What the hell?

I am.




I expected to be Bailey. I boss people around.

I expected to be Christina. I have proximity issues but also pretty lingerie.

I did not expect to be Izzie.

Then I thought about it. Girl from the wrong side of the tracks put herself through school made good used to model first love died. Yeah. That is me.

If I have to be Izzie though could I also be six feet tall with breasts that stop traffic?



You’re Izzie: You’re impulsive and often follow your heart, not your head. Caring too much can get you in trouble. But you’re always there for your friends, and good thing they’re always there for you too. Just doing your job isn’t for you; you’ll always find a way to go above and beyond because there are so many people who need your help. Just remember to save yourself before you save the world. And oh yeah — give up the six feet tall and breasts that stop traffic thing, Max. Ain’t gonna happen.”


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  1. Nancy


    I don’t think so.

    “You’re a perfectionist.” Huh? My office is a disaster; I’ve been known to wear inside-out shirts to work; I can’t pay bills on time.

    “Your family is your rock.” Gee, I’d like you to meet my mother

    “You can’t let your colleagues see you’re human.” I’ve cried on the shoulders of three different people.

  2. max

    Yeah but you were wearing silver body paint at the time so they still think you are a robot, right?

    Okay, that was stretching.

  3. Nancy


    I think if you say you like your kids you automatically become Miranda, no matter what other “issues” you have.

  4. There is definitely nothing wrong with being Izzie.

  5. max

    There is definitely nothing wrong with looking like Izzie. I got robbed.

  6. Sophia

    LOL. You’re so Izzie, Max. So Izzie. And the breasts that stop traffic will only cost you a few thousand bucks. A bruised arm for a week. And maybe a couple of dates with the hot anaesthiologist. It doesn’t sound that bad.

  7. aj

    I think it’s rigged. I got Meredith and I do not think I am all that like her. Description they gave is below. [Happy I get to jump McDreamy though]

    “You don’t alway make the right choices, but you get points for trying, bouncing right back, and starting over. For being so “dark and twisty” you have a surprisingly sunny outlook on life. You’re quick to jump into new relationships and just as quick to jump back out. After the example your parents set, learning to trust someone else takes just about everything you’ve got.”

  8. max

    You I can kind of see. The “Meredith” that floors me is Pooks.

  9. aj

    This is not encouraging.

  10. max

    It said Kitty is Meredith too. And Ms. Pants and I think Jennifer. And Sophia. There are Meredith’s all over. Jeez.

    You and Kitty and Pants are definitely a little dark and twisty. Dunno about Sophia and Jen. Pooks though? Pooks, dark and twisty?

  11. Oh, tall and huge breasted is way overrated. Way.

    Now, short and busty? That is a sight to behold.

    I suppose…I’m being biased.

  12. max

    Yes you are short busty one.

  13. Am I the only Callie? I don’t watch the show but I assume from the following description, she’s the bitch on wheels…

    You are very direct and sometimes that is a bit much for people to handle, but you just call it like you see it. Life;s too short not to be lived to the fullest and if that scares some people, then who needs them? You’re an all-or-nothing person, so people who can’t commit have no place in your life. You deserve someone who loves and lives just as hard as you do.

  14. max

    I know two guys who got Callie. One who said so in a post, another who felt compelled to send me secret email about it.

    [I really wish people would respond to the blog on the blog by the way, not send me secret email about it.]

    Callie is not bad. She is in love with someone who does not quite love her back right so having a hard time of it.

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