weekend dog


dog peek ivI am walking back from the farmer’s market.

A car pulls up next to me. It is my neighbor Mark. Mark is really nice he helped me hang pictures on concrete walls which is kind of tricky. He is also usually dressed way down when I see him around the building so it is startling to have Mark pull up next to me in a Jag. A Jag? Wow, Mark, who knew? More startling than the Jag is a little dog in the front seat. I say, Mark, I did not know you had a dog. He doesn’t. It belongs to the young girl in the back seat who is his daughter. I have heard about the daughter. I did not know about the dog. So this must be Mark’s weekend with his little girl. And her dog.

This is very funny to me. I know people get weekend visitation rights with children. I just did not know the dog comes with. It makes sense. If I was traveling between parents, I would take my dog. It cracks me up.


2 Responses to weekend dog

  1. Cy

    Three questions: is he currently single? is the Jag paid for? does the dog like cats?

  2. max

    Funny Cy. He lives alone but he could be dating someone.

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