weekend bear

That bear could only be happier if he had scifi channel. [And Pez.]



where i got that bear :
i stole that bear from raincoaster

14 Responses to weekend bear

  1. How is it he can afford a hammock and we have to make do with stuff from Ikea?

  2. max

    Maybe he is doing the Black Dahlia thing.

  3. Yes, I hear in certain communities bears are very popular.

  4. max

    Well also, who is going to tell the bear he cannot have the hammock? Not me.

  5. I envy that bear
    even if he doesn’t have PEZ.

  6. max

    You know that bear has a secret stash of Pez, Anita Marie.

  7. Okay- I’m envious now.

  8. I’d like to see Anita Marie wrestle the Pez away from Mr. Bear. Just how dedicated is she?

  9. How many bears have you seen with PEZ guns in their paws?


  10. max

    I am putting a fiver on Anita Marie. She has fierce Pez love.

  11. I too will slap down five.
    On Anita.

  12. Ladies, collect your winnings at the window

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