wedding or shark attack?


Let’s do a poll —

[I have never tried out this poll feature so this could go tragically wrong.]




[polldaddy poll=1790157]




where the art work comes from :
that is a chanel scooped at rhiannon mars’s

0 Responses to wedding or shark attack?

  1. Dan

    Wedding…but it was a really close call.

  2. Wedding. Of course I am already married, so that was easy…

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  4. I hate weddings. Even though there’s cake.

  5. Shark attack all the way, baybee!

  6. A shark attack is over in seconds. A bad divorce (and the obligatory 20 years of alimony/child support) is like hitting the lottery… in reverse.

  7. max

    Kitty you know you guys want to renew your vows. During a shark attack, yay!

    Rain, yay!

    Bob, kind of one of those pay now or pay forever scenarios huh?

  8. Georgetta

    Shark attack all the way! Like previously stated, it’s over quicker than a divorce and you can learn your leason quickly!!!

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