we interrupt this program to appreciate others


wood nymphAnd now since —

I am either exceedingly lazy or just fragged from too much reading, reviewing, teaching, server frenzy, and also minor attempts at a social life —

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you the cleverness of others.

:::ginny is dolly:::
:::oscarande’s teachers:::
:::valliant does politics:::
:::zenformation quotes me::: [and you know that just does spell genius]
:::anita marie saves lol cats:::


where the art work comes from :
that is wood nymph from maggie-me

14 Responses to we interrupt this program to appreciate others

  1. Dan

    Look at you spreading the love.

    Call it lazy or fragged, Max…we know, deep down, you’re just a big softy.

  2. max

    Wow, “big” and “softy” are not words people usually apply to me.

  3. Dan

    Ha! You like raccoons…how bad can you really be?

  4. You’re world famous!
    in oxford (fucking) ohio.

    I quote you as well.
    My fave Max quote came after the debacle over my dad’s death and my blog postings subsequently ‘found’ by my eediot sister:

    “Families who keep secrets breed their own worst nightmare… a writer.”

    You are eminently quotable

  5. max

    Aww. Thank you Miss Rachael.

  6. Daniel

    Is it just me or does that picture look like those body parts in that creepy “Bodies” show that evidently displays pieces of people purchased in China?

  7. max

    That is just you.

    Jeez. Do not insult my sexy wood nymph photo.

  8. Man, I like Anita Marie….but those LOL cats are everything thats wrong with the world. Mangled spelling and kitten photos does comprise an artistic work…it’s the kind of thing my grandmother would send me…were she still alive.

  9. max

    You know you secretly love LOLCatz Valliant.

  10. That’s the charm of LOL Cats…they are so wrong but THEY LIVE.

    And in a billion years when the world as we know it is gone forever some scientist is going to find a box of Twinkies and a picture of an LOL Cat side by side.

    It’s true you know.

  11. Maggie-Me

    Hey Max Glad you like the Wood Nymph, any reason you liked the B&W over the color?


  12. max

    Hi, Maggie-Me. It is a beautiful photo. I saw the black and white first. [smile]

  13. max

    You are welcome Oscarande. I always really enjoy your stories.

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