we interrupt this program


In the midst of fire, flame, brimstone and political purgatory —

A friend sent me this. It is very beautiful. And time outs for beauty are warranted. Without it the eternal battle would be very empty. What would we win?





And then I found this too. Which I cannot leave out it has to be here too.




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  1. These are wonderful, Max.

    “Sans Papiers” sounds so much better than “illegal aliens.”

  2. max

    Aren’t they beautiful? I am totally crushed now on the person who sent me there.

  3. I never heard of this show. But I love the music and the first guy’s voice.

  4. max

    I ordered it. I will be fluent in French in no time.

    [I kid — sort of, the amount of Anime I have watched makes me actually capable of correctly interpreting Japanese spellings, how weird is that?]

  5. The moving company has refused to compensate me appropriately for damages done to a really super nice set of computer speakers (subwoofer too, mind you).

    I need to hear this. When the boyfriend sees a charge on his credit card for a new pair, I’m blaming Ms. Max Adams. [I dare not elaborate why, he hates the French. But he likes Max.]

  6. max

    LOL — you need new speakers this is really special. Also they are Canadian French, if that helps any.

  7. I’m breathless. Cathedrals are… they feed my soul. My first cathedral changed my life in ways I can’t explain, and made me feel like I’d been there in another life.

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