we interrupt this program


We interrupt this program —

To commemorate a feng shui closet moment.


Okay I am aghast five hundred people show here every day and my idea of entertainment repayment for that loyalty is to post photos of my closet. But!

There are two big boxes marked “Salvation Army” and one marked “rip tape in case of weight loss” and EVERYTHING fits [okay except for the special too small skirts that are too fluffy to fold they would be crushed and ruined they have to stay hanging but that is the ONLY thing] AND there are open spaces AND I did not cheat and just do clothes I did shoes stockings AND handbags too that just spells commemorate.


where the art work comes from :
camera phone, baby, camera phone

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  1. Break out the Champagne that is the prettiest closet I’ve ever seen. You know I’ve seen a lot of them selling houses.

  2. max

    I am all happy — at the loft, no closet, everything hung from ceiling pipes or was stashed in collapsible hampers.

    :::happy sigh:::

  3. You’ve inspired (or guilted) me to clean my closet this week. That goes for the girls too. Aunt Max says clean those closets. How can they argue with that?
    School’s out. They can do it.

  4. max

    Yay! Sorted closets for everyone!

  5. Brut

    I’m no expert on religion, but I think
    Opus-Sanctorum-Angelorum holds that there is a purgatory and that souls going to the big Spa in the Sky must first be cleansed. Clothes that don’t fit probably don’t count… glutonus maximus… or something. Like I said I’m no expert on Angelorum’s, but shoes must count for something. I’ll bet you can get a Pass Purgatory Go Straight To Spa card for every pair of shoes you get rid of.

  6. max

    Hey I have less than forty pairs of shoes and I had more than a hundred when I headed parts Seattle I am practically an aesthetic. Fresh!

  7. aj

    That is quite possibly the neatest closet I have ever seen.

    (The “quite possibly” was added only so you do not think you have the cleanest closet and therefore strive for more order amid clothes in the future. Call me Dr Phil.)

  8. Kym

    Good Lord, I think I have 8 pairs of shoes and I was feeling guilty. If you wore a dif pair every day, you would go a full month without wearing the same pair. I know you can do the math yourself but I’m still stunned. I thought Imelda Marcos was the only one with that many shoes.

    I’m thinking about purging the closet but, now I’m thinking I’m safe from whatever hell awaits clothes hoarders. The bad angels will come for you first.

  9. max

    Oh jeesh Kym you have the same number as me less than forty I will save you a seat and a box o’ chalk.

    AJ, you are saying other people do not do this? This is like the desk right?

  10. max

    [ps : the australian shop has a container coming in Monday and big specials tell your brother maybe he can score cheap tim tams and device of the devil cough cough vegemite cough cough]

  11. aj

    I nearly brought the desk up but feared the consequence.

  12. Shoes…

    Will work for shoes. Want shoes.

  13. max

    Kitty, all the trips you have made to Europe and you brought back no shoes???


  14. aj

    Your desk does rock. In an clinically clean sterilized kind of way.

  15. max

    It is not sterile it is serene. And un-charred. :::whistling:::

  16. Max, your closet is too neat. Buy more clothes!

    BTW, I think I recognize a black shirt in there somewhere…I remember you wore it on our “first date!”

  17. max

    Oh I did not wear black on our first date, that was brown. The little mock turtleneck brown velvet shirt, right? Boy that was at the loft too where clothes were stashed anywhere but where I could find them or hanging from the ceiling pipes.

    When are you coming back to L.A.?

  18. That was brown? Seriously? I was sure it was black. Yes, it was a mock turtleneck (btw, someone please explain to me “mock turtleneck” – just never could quite wrap my head around that one).

    I had the opportunity to be there this week, believe it or not. But the company left much to be desired.

    So I am saving now to go later this year. Hopefully fall!

  19. max

    We were not hanging in well lighted spaces it probably looked black.

    Come out. I do not have unruly neighbors to shock and astound you with any more but we will still have fun.

  20. max

    [ps : they have Gold’s Gym here you would not even miss work outs while you are here now]

  21. ps : they have Gold’s Gym here you would not even miss work outs while you are here now

    Oh, yes I would. I would miss many workouts. But it would be worth it :)

  22. max

    Well only if we went out carousing till 4 am and — oh, hmm, this is you and me it could seriously happen. Okay, you might miss a few work outs.

  23. max

    Say, I was just over at Grace’s and let me point out my closet is very circumspect and not scandalous at all :

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  25. You’re not writing, are…you…?

    I can show you my very clean bathtub and blank pages.


    :::self-hating grumble:::

  26. max

    Oh yeah, you can always tell how the writing is going by checking the condition of a writer’s home. Clean home means blank pages. Messy home? Lots of pages.

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