we are not out of lions


So, people keep asking, Who will champion universal health care now? Someone is championing universal health care now: Anthony Weiner.




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  1. bobbygee

    Health care will now be sold as a memorial to Ted Kennedy. Yet Ted Kennedy use private health care to fight his cancer. Ted Kennedy made the decision to fight cancer not the government.

  2. max

    He used a federal health plan to fight cancer, the same plan that every member of the House and Senate, as well as the President, uses. The government is not trying to run hospitals. It is trying to extend the same health package to American citizens that every working politician in Washington already has. Except for one, who has turned down his insurance package swearing he won’t take it until it is available to every one of his constituents too. Which is his choice. “Option” means “choice.”

  3. I can almost hear the deathbed phone conversations between Teddy and other senators, including GOP senators. “I only have a few days left here, so I’m cashing in my 50 years of political capital. You know about all those threesomes… Well, you know I do too…” LMAO!”

    I can also imagine the call to the President, “Barry, I’m dying here. So I’m passing the torch of Camelot to you. Now, it’s up to you to fulfill my life’s dream of universal healthcare. Do whatever it takes, but do it… Eliminate the filibuster (all that takes is a 51 vote and it’s gone forever), or use reconciliation, but get it done. This is my dying wish. I believe in you!”

  4. About Weiner, Spanky told me to tell you, “Most unfortunately named badass of all time.”

  5. max

    Spanky is so right.

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