I have interesting convo’s with my upstairs neighbor.

[Not on purpose.]

I will be having a cig, wearing white sitting in a somewhat expensive fabric chair —

[I bring that up to point out how problematic dirty water pouring from above can be because it really fucks up white shorts and also puts out cigs and damages nice expensive fabric chairs]

— watching water pour down the side of my balcony.

Pressed to speak to my neighbor — and I do not like her so this is pushing me — I profer up to the heavens, “If that waterfall moves over here to where I am sitting there will be trouble.”

A voice echoes back, “It won’t, that’s why I moved the plants over here.”

She did too, apparently she has actually taken some action to not impact me and moved her plants so the water she showers on them which she cannot measure showers down the side of my balcony instead of on my head and white shorts.

I am amazed she is actually trying. It is so out of character. But it is a start.


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