was that a rhetorical question?

cujo the dwarf bunny who bitesUm. Three guesses why I keep posting high Tetrizz scores for “cujo” on Celluloid Blonde.

What? Nobody?

Um, right, that is me.

The bunny is the original Cujo. “Cujo the Dwarf Bunny Who Bites.”

Cujo and I hung at an animal rescue center.

Cujo is a wiz at Tetrizz.

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  1. I thought that score was to good for a mere human.

    This is explains it all- including the cage
    ( A little Tetrizz Envy Max :-) ?)

  2. max

    I took that shot on a Christmas Eve I went in to see the animals before hitting the aunt’s and wanted to show shots to my aunt. Cujo was a real sweet bunny most of the time, he used to follow me around I think he liked that we were both cuddly but had teeth — but, he did have a wild side so I did not take him out times I was there on my own. I wish I had grabbed a shot one time when he was out of his cage.

  3. Cujo looks like he’d bite. I had rabbits once, they bite so fast you don’t know what happened. Razor sharp cut and bunny is just sitting there like he didn’t do nothin’.
    Perfect name for a biting bunny, Cujo. LOL.

  4. max

    I never got a Cujo bite but his bites were legendary. Legendary enough to land him the name Cujo The Dwarf Bunny Who Bites. He was real territorial about his toys, you just did not mess with Cujo toys when he was in that cage if you liked having hands. He loved being held though. He would nip my shoes till I let him on my lap. And stand against the bars of his cage waiting for you to cone scritch his nose and between his ears — and then do a big sigh and slow slide to the ground with his eyes closed.

  5. My bunnies did not like being held. They loved being pet between the ears, when we did that, they would do this crunching thing with their teeth. I used to lie on the floor face down and they’d walk my back. Then they’d get their paws in my hair and practically monkey groom me. Crazy rabbits.
    One of our favorite things to do was peel an apple where the peeling was one long piece. They’d just reel that peeling in like some kids slurp spagetti.

  6. Happy Birthday, Max.

    I hope you get everything you wish for today.


  7. It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday!
    It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! Ok I’ll be quiet I should let you sleep in ……IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! ………he he he Have a great birthday! : )

  8. Happy Birthday, Max!

    Have a beautiful one!

  9. First: Happy birthday!!!!

    Second: Bunny!!! I love the bunnies.

  10. max

    Aww, thanks you guys. Smooch!

    Oh, Kitty, that tooth thing. Jeez. I knew about nothing about rabbits when I met Cujo but I knew his rep and was totally horrified when he started following me around and when he did that thing with his teeth? I thought, Oh God, the rabbit is grinding its teeth doing a rabbit growl I am dead here. Then I looked it up and found out the tooth grind meant the rabbit was happy.

    It must have been real confusing for Cujo, following me around going pick me up pick me up and then when I did and he got all happy I would put him down again fast at first. Poor bunny.

  11. Awww….I had a bunny named Ace but no one took care of him. He ended up getting eaten by a bobcat. Your rabbit looks as if he’d kick ass! Too bad Ace wasn’t of the same stock!

  12. aj

    Cuju looks pissed. He is a big fluffy kid who is in a cage, that is like locking a 400 pound dude in a bathroom.

    No wonder he bites.

  13. max

    He is a very small bunny in a pretty big cage and he is let out to play. He likes that cage too. The only time he bites is when you are messing with stuff in his cage. It is his safe spot and as far as he is concerned you better not be messing with it without an invitation. Unless you are a girl bunny. He always let the girl bunnies play in his cage.

  14. At least he’s not a gay bunny lol

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