want a date?


mrs. armory carhart by irving penn I am leaving the post office.

A man is coming towards me on the sidewalk. His hair is askew. He has a pot belly his slightly ill fitting t-shirt does not quite cover. It has some interesting stains on it. His pants fit about as well as the t-shirt and are a non-descript earth gray — it is hard to distinguish whether that is the intended color or not enough contact with laundry detergent talking but the ghost of plaid says the latter. He smiles, impish. [This is maybe a mistake he is missing a tooth.] I give him the “do not get too friendly” once over and am still walking.

“Want a date?”

I eye him. It is funny. I smile. Shake my head. Keep going.

After I wonder. Was he asking me out? Or offering professional services?


where the art work comes from :
that is mrs. armory carhart by irving penn

13 Responses to want a date?

  1. hi max

    you need a car

    or headsets

    or a really insane look and a butcher knife

    some form of deterrant other than pixieish blonde writer person

    maybe lose the deodorant?

  2. brut

    hey, they were clean olive green pants dat got a little bleach by mistake. Sheesh

  3. Ugly people are entitled to flirt too.
    I find my self oddly charmed by this dishevelled toothless lothario.

  4. I didn’t get asked out until I was like 20- where was this guy when I needed a date to the Prom…jeeze.

    Some people have all the luck.

  5. sulya

    Whether it was a business transaction, a serious proposal or well-executed funny – it took pluck on his part I think…

    I LOVE this photo by the way max…

  6. max

    It was totally funny.

    That photo is by Irving Penn. He is one of the old gods.

  7. Eddie

    I agree with AJ, at least the guy had the nerve to make the first move. If only the “others” were so bold.

    You didn’t have cash falling out again, did you? You may have subtly propositioned the guy and not even know it…

  8. aj

    “Ugly people are entitled to flirt too”

    They are entitled but I cannot help but find that statement hilarious.

  9. Who knows, he could be a really nice rich guy?

  10. max

    This guy’s prob was not pretty or money. This guy’s prob was hygiene.

  11. Well, maybe you could grow to love him and teach him to wash. His clothes. And his body.

  12. max

    Now you know no relationship that begins with a wish to change someone is ever going to work.

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