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big black bootsYou are —

High Heeled Boots

You are incredibly sexy. There’s no way you could hide it, so you just flaunt it.

You are a naturally talented flirt. You make everyone feel fascinating and attractive.

You have a wild streak. You like to have fun, and your idea of fun is pretty outrageous.

You dare to be yourself and live life courageously. People respect you for it.


:::what kind of boots are you:::


where i nabbed that quiz :
i nabbed that quiz at rain’s

where the art work comes from :
that is hotel paradiso 2 by britcat100

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  1. That’s you all right!

  2. max

    Rain, you are fascinating and attractive.

  3. Riding boots. I have never worn riding boots, though my husband bought me a pair once that have sat in the closet for years.

    “You are very sophisticated. You have refined tastes, and you don’t fall for cheesy trends.
    You are naturally chic and stylish. You can pull together a great look in no time flat.

    You don’t need a lot of flash or bling in your life. You prefer the glamour of the understated.
    You treasure wisdom. You are attracted to ideas and things that have stood the test of time.”

  4. forkboy1965

    Apparently I am snow boots, which is quite appropriate considering my love for being outdoors in the snow.

    However, the rest of the description for the snow boot person couldn’t have been further from the truth and I’m rather disappointed about it.


  5. Those boots are made for walking – all over people!

  6. max

    Well really I just wanted an excuse to post my favorite boot photo again. [wink]

    Michele, that one is excellent.

    Fork, you are not going to share what it said? Jeez you must really not have liked it.

  7. I am Combat Boots!
    You are independent, iconoclastic, and countercultural. You resent authority figures.
    You are very headstrong. No one is going to pressure you into being someone you’re not!


  8. max

    You are so combat boots. I bet the cats are wearing little combat boots too.

  9. …and body armor of course…

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