wake me


waking iv by mansel daviesI wake slowly.

Roused to world by salt, voice, threat, promise, caress, alarm.

Alarms do not always work.

I set them far away. Stumble to them. Turn them off.

Forget them.


where the art work comes from :
that is waking up 4 by mansel davies

[you will not find the waking photos on his
commercial site though you will find them

17 Responses to wake me

  1. I heard about an alarm clock that flies off and you have to find it to shut it off. I wouldn’t want one of those.
    I am trying to stay up all night long so I won’t have trouble with jet lag but oh is is too difficult to stay awake. Maybe a little nap.
    Have a great month, Max.

  2. max

    Have a great trip you. Email when you can. You will be missed.

  3. max

    [p.s. it will be a cold day in hell before i buy some freaking flying alarm clock there are way way better ways to be woken up]

  4. My alarm mimics the sound of the police kicking in my front door. I’m up and looking for a hostage before the first round of tactical commands.

  5. max

    I woke once with a gun aimed at my face my waking response was to slap the gun out of my face and say, Get that out of my face. I do not possess the emotion fear, waking. The cop was kind of scared. He kept backing up so I could not smack his gun away again.

  6. My alarm clock has Jeeves (Stephen Fry) speaking softly and calling me “sir” and being annoying and charming. I love it. Only Saturday morning it went off around 6 a.m. and Sam threw it at my head and it bounced off and hit the floor and broke.

    Okay, he tells this story a different way but that’s my side of the story, and now I have a broken Jeeves, a cut on my cheek and two hours of sleep lost that I will never ever get back.

  7. max

    You guys know that is not really about alarm clocks right?

  8. Max, is this some sort of sexy metaphor?

  9. max

    Well originally it had two more lines about things I did not escape that were worth waking up for but I cut those.

  10. Well, if you take away pieces of the puzzle then how are we expected to solve the mystery?

  11. max

    Some mysteries are better as mysteries than they are as solved puzzles.

  12. Speak for yourself…sigh…

  13. max

    Well it is that whole faustian thing, be careful what you wish for? Sometimes anticipation is better than consumation.

  14. Oh now that I can agree with.

    I wish I my stomach didn’t consummate with this Peruvian chicken {{{burp}}}

  15. max

    The anticipation rocked though right?

    Those damn Peruvian chickens will do that to you every time.

  16. We consummated again today. Apparently the stomach didn’t learn its lesson.

  17. Well, in this case, when you’re hungry you’re hungry and the anticipation can be…insufferable.

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