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coupe by john carroll doyleOkay this should not work —

But it is for science damn you —

I am not even going to give the details I am just going to say go to :::this link::: and post a comment that says “I vote for Max.”

Let’s see what happens.

Also if you do not do it I will be mean to you.




:::vote for max:::


where the art work comes from :
that is coupe by john carroll doyle

50 Responses to vote for max

  1. Insanity made me do it :-)

  2. max

    Intanity is my favorite.

  3. tj

    Ok where is my prize?

  4. max

    No more posts by liars.

    Jeez. Vote or screw off you fibbers.

  5. tj

    Hey I am no liar. My comment is being moderated.

  6. Insanity is being moderated.
    He will NOT be amused.

  7. tj

    can we come back now?

  8. aj

    My vote is in and is currently being moderated by Janie.

    Could you remove the duct tape now please?

  9. I did it, I did it!

  10. max

    I did not know Janie moderated.

  11. I voted and then was relieved that you did actually enter : ) You never can tell with science and all…

  12. max

    Wow Jennifer you know me way too well most people would not think of that.

  13. To know you is to nominate you… A Rockin Girl Blogger Award awaits on my blog.

  14. It’s not your color, I am sorry about that.

  15. Btw, when did you make an addition to “people who suck?”

  16. max

    I forget. A few days back? Susan looked lonely.

  17. Very fitting addition! It’s a good laugh too ; )

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  19. Sorry ’bout that everyone. I have the settings set to automatically moderate everyone’s first comment. It keeps the spam comments that Akismet misses from getting through.

    All posted now, and Max is up 7 vptes to everyone else’s zero.


  20. Eddie

    Forgive me, Max. I decided to actually read the entries and vote for the best one.

  21. Kym

    I read the entries and voted for the best one, too. (OOO, I’m a suck up :smile and wink:

  22. max

    Kym is so smart.

    [That cracks me up.]

    Hey speaking of smart I fixed those posts under “search.” I did the same thing last week and was sitting staring at it thinking, why isn’t it searching? And I did it twice. [Oops.] So It is closed to comments now so that cannot happen any more.

  23. I decided to read all the poems and vote for the best one, too. I just happen to like economy.

  24. max

    Haiku for everyone, yay!

  25. procrastination
    cruising on the blog-o-phere
    what will Max post next

  26. max

    Oh wow Eddie I was just reading the votes. I thought you meant you voted for a different poem but you voted for mine. That is so nice of you to say.

  27. brut

    I just voted Max. You can just credit the five to my PayPal account. thanx

  28. max

    Jeez, Brut, I told you already, naked pictures or cash, not both.

  29. brut

    Okay… but they better not be more pictures of that cat!

  30. you got my bote, no matter how bad i wanted to see your “mean” face

  31. max

    LOL — thanks Criminy.

  32. no sweat…but did you win?

  33. max

    I do not know the polls are open till the 7th.

  34. max

    I know all the words to Jaberwocky because I had to memorize it in the 6th grade. Of course I do not remember how to spell Jaberwocky so that could be a real drawback posting that.

  35. i think two B’s. I don’t know any of the words to Jabberwocky. you are obviously smarter than I

  36. max

    Could be.


  37. i could hit the lottery

  38. max

    So there is a limit to the self deprecation thing. I wondered.

  39. lol…got me…your memory is good. My mother taught humility. Some of it stuck

  40. max

    Wow I won.

    Thanks everyone for voting for me.

  41. congratulations…i saw that the prize was work…you lucky gal you.

  42. thank you. It’s better to make someone laugh than to give them a hammer. *s*

    i used some insight from your essays in my post today…i know nothing about the entertainemtn industry other than what i read in the essays of max adams…it’s better to teach someone than to make them laugh….maybe

  43. max

    My guest post is up at JanieBelle’s.

    It is not a new essay but it is one of my favorites so I sent it to Janie I do not think anyone on her site is likely to have seen it but some people here may have.

    Thank you again to everyone who voted for my poem. I do not do poems often. It was nice some people liked it.

  44. I hadn’t read that…starts out almost familiar, but then changes…forget it. I’m no critic…

    i liked it…

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