vote for max!


max_mini_movieMy mini-movie is up!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

This is for THE JOB. You know, the cool job where I get to be writer in residence at a winery?

[How cool is that?]


YOUR JOB should should you choose to accept this assignment —

[accept the assignment dammit]

Is to view the max mini-movie.

Vote for the max mini-movie.

[and blog and post the hell out of the max mini-movie]

Yay! Yay! Yay!




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  1. Okay, have you watched the other candidates? If they’re shooting for creativity, I think you’ve got it in the bag. Yeesh.

  2. max

    That would really work for me Hannah. [wink]

    I dunno, I guess Corporate America thinks people talking about themselves on camera is pretty interesting but it just bores me.

  3. max

    [btw I would comment on your blog if you made it open source but i can never remember my freaking google password and it wrestles with me mad cap whenever i try to post on a google based site]

  4. Open sourced. Thank you.

  5. Best of luck Max.

    When is the last day for voting?

  6. max

    Yay! Thank you Myra.

    Kitty, they announce the top 50 candidates June 26 so I figure votes need to be in before the 26.

  7. max

    Also, I have to think about whether or not to put new posts up. I do not want to tamp this one down. But I have not forgotten the scary house story part II.

  8. forkboy1965

    Done and done. I just hope you remember us little people when you’re up on the stage receiving your first Emmy.

  9. max

    Fork, I could never forget you.

    By the way, everyone, votes do not get counted unless you answer the confirmation email.

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