Today I will vote for a man who will bring the troops home so young men stop coming home missing legs, arms, faces and life because they were defending foreign oil wells. Today I will vote for a man who will restore habeas corpus. Today I will vote for a man who will end the “war on drugs” that is such an abysmal failure going on 50% of the prison population today is non-violent offenders. Who…
will NOT mandate every American buy health insurance from corporations at triple rates because Wellpoint said that looks like an awesome plan and then wrote the bills to make it so. Who will not appoint Goldman Sachs heads of state to oversee banking regulations and will not appoint Monsanto officials to oversea food and health regulation. Who will not say “It’s complicated” every time a simple question is asked. Who is not backed by nuclear power to the extent he will be in Chile pimping solar power while Fukushima is melting because, hey, Exelon paid for the Chicago campaign. Today I will vote for the last man standing who might save this country. And 90% of my friends and family members and fellow Americans will not.


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