volcano taco


There is —

A “volcano taco” commercial on the television. I cannot hear the sound, I have been working and had the sound muted I just like to have some sort of visual something dancing around in the background. But now I look up and see “volcano taco.”

The “volcano taco” has a strangely stiff and misshapen cardboardy outer shell that is some color of red that only occurs naturally on the planet Zorg. It is sitting on top of volcanic rocks.

All I can think when I see this commercial is, Does anybody actually find pumice stone delectable and delicious looking [the last time I used pumice stone on anything it was on a callous on my foot] and would anybody actually put food that color in their mouth?


where the art work comes from :
that is from arslan

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  1. Maybe it’s named for what happens after you eat it?

  2. LOL Rain.

    Spanky pointed out that taco thing while we were driving by that place the other day. Said what you did, why would anyone eat something that color?
    Damn, you two think a lot alike.

  3. I guess if you can eat an animal that bled before it died- and in all probability died in fear- you can pretty much consume anything.

    Think about it.

    Anita Marie

  4. Sarah

    I would, but only in the form of candy. Anything with “volcano” in the title does not qualify as candy. Volcano candy would not be in the true spirit of candy.

    And I’m with Rain. I think it’s just foreshadowing.

  5. max

    That Spanky is one smart cookie.

  6. I felt like I had one in my belly after yesterday’s home cooked Mexican.

  7. max

    Mexican food: 1

    Stil: 0

    Next round?

  8. I prefer pillow lava. But the folks at Toxic Belch, excuse me, Taco Bell didn’t ask for my opinion.

  9. max

    I love Taco Bell taco salads I am just praying Planet Zorg minions do not get creative with them.

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