windowA memory :

I wake up in the back seat of a car. I am very small. The car is on a strange street. I am alone. I figure my parents are probably in a house somewhere on this block. Also they are probably coming back. I AM in the car. But. I am alone. I do not know where I am. I am too small to knock on doors doing a survey for parents. That is dangerous behavior. You get sent away when you do dangerous behavior. I wait.


A memory : I wake up in a car. I am on my back staring up at the driver’s seat. This is not right. I hear a yell. I hear footsteps running. A flashlight’s light hits the windows. The driver’s seat lifts away. A man reaches his hands down to me. Take my hands, he says. I take his hands.


A memory : I wake up in a car. I look out the window. All I can see is sky. Out every window. I stare at it. The car is on an incline. It is very steep. I have been in two cars already that turned over at odd inclines. Seeing nothing but sky out the window at that angle scares me. No one understands why I am afraid. And I won’t tell them. I wait.


A memory : Voices in the next room. As long as I can hear the voices, no one can disappear and I cannot wake up in an upside down spinning car strangers will have to pull me out of. I drift off.


where the art work comes from :
that is from james at

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  1. Max that was so evocative. I love it when you can convey so much in so few words.

  2. max

    Thanks Miss Ginny.

  3. Kym

    Sometimes your words just grip my heart.

  4. max

    Thanks Miss. I almost tossed that one.

  5. A good story is a good story and that was a good story. You know what I liked about it? I could just read it and let my imagination do the rest- I love it when a writer just opens the door and lets you walk on in.

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