vodka & chaka khan


You are —

Vodka. And Chaka Khan.


If you got this quote what you need is a girls’ night out, Sweetie.

[Wait, I do not think that is what I need.]

Who needs all these boy problems?

[Um, me? Listen, anything male would do. Really.]

You just get in your flannel pajamas and under this blanket and I will go get us the vodka from the freezer and the Coyote Ugly DVD and then there will be chatting and giggling and drunken catcalls when that hot Australian guy strips on the bar.

[Screw the Australian stripper, I want Colin Firth.]

[Okay not literally “screw” you get the gist though.]


:::which sleepless quote are you:::


*do not ask what a royal pain it was figuring out how to load a damn image with the new dashboard


where i nabbed that quiz :
i nabbed that quiz at michele’s

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  1. You are: “I’ve got a sunset in my veins and I need to take a pill to make this town feel okay”
    (Lyrics from Fall Out Boy.)
    If you got this quote then take my hand. We will leave it all behind.

    That is so me. Always on the run.

  2. You are: “Oh my god, I love TV, Buffy is my life!”

    (Quote by Jack in Will & Grace.)

    … What can I say? >:)

  3. There’s an Australian stripper on the bar?

  4. Do you like Colin Firth because of Colin Firth or because of his portrayal of Mr. Darcy?

  5. Dan

    You are: “Oh my god, I love TV, Buffy is my life!”

    Yeah…that seems about right.

    I’m just trying to figure out how Coyote Ugly qualifies as a “Girls’ Night” movie.

  6. “*do not ask what a royal pain it was figuring out how to load a damn image with the new dashboard” – I have not yet figured that out. Threw up my arms and cussed, then linked to an image.

  7. I got the same as you, max. I think I shall switch to vodka and leave the gin in the cupboard for now.

    I am not having any issues at all with the new dashboard. I keep NOT doing things because people have been screaming like banshees about how broken it is, and everything is far more intuitive for me now. Not one error. Weirdness.

  8. Lol, chica, this is too funny.

    Boy probs?

    Lord, one day somebody’s gonna get the brilliant idea to create a bio-cybernetic vibrator with both a pulse and the ability to listen. Friend of mine’s idea, actually. Seems a lot of womenfolk are goin through dryspells.

  9. max

    It is a Darcy crush, I do not know Mr. Firth.

    Kitty, leave it to you go get a music quote. [smile]

    Woe, unhand the Buffy.

    Rain, damn you for no tech difficulties.

    Michele, if I could I would explain it but I am still not sure how I did it.

    Jason, you laugh at my pain? That is so wrong.

  10. Oh, this is very cool.

    Mine was “Smurfette doesn’t f*ck!”

    From Donnie Darko. Cool. Way cool. Unfortunately, a plane hit my computer and a giant rabbit lured me away before I had a chance to cut and paste.

  11. max

    That is the best yet.

  12. aj

    Vodka and Chaka Khan

  13. I’m with you on this new dashboard. They say it makes things easier. But then again the infamous “they” always says that before making things complicated.

  14. max

    I have kind of been horrified over time by “improvements” to all sorts of stuff. [Who in hell told Microsoft that demonic dancing thing was an improvement? Die, demonic dancing thing, die!] And the upgrade to OS X was a freaking nightmare because everything moved and altered within the structure of the operating system so I had to totally relearn how to do everything system oriented. Hopefully WordPress will not get that excitable but I really hate having to hunt to find ways to do something that before was just by rote.

  15. Max please tell me how you posted a picture. Apparently, it’s NOT simple.

  16. max

    At the top of the post you are writing on the left, it says “add media.” And it has little icons. The first icon is for adding an image. You click that. Then you link to an image [which is rude and people will hate you for using their bandwidth instead of posting the image on your own site] or you upload the image from your computer. When you upload the image from your computer, you are supposed to get tools that allow you to choose alignment, small, medium, or full size, and to insert the image into the post. This is faulty and sometimes does not show up so sometimes it works and sometimes you have to post the image yourself using the url of the image once it is uploaded. It is a nasty system and not intuitive at all.

  17. Max, I had most of it figured out then. I thought I was doing something wrong because it would not post. I have tried several times, to no avail. I did try the url trick but decided I don’t like it.

  18. max

    Just copy an image from a previous post and post the new upload url into the old image url that will put it in if the board goes tiffy on you and starts playing gallery hide and seek.

  19. max

    [I mean the image link from edit]

  20. Now I’m missing the old dashboard. Can’t they offer the “classic” version as an option?

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