virtual pet!


terriersAble to leap tall buildings —

Or at least roll over and fetch on command, it is —

[dunt dunt dunt dun!]

Virtual Pet!

[make sure to do “dance” dance is hilarious]

[i wonder if they have virtual boyfriend hmmm….]


where the art work comes from :
that is from n-n

15 Responses to virtual pet!

  1. I am not sure this works. I typed in “pee” but he just barked at me.

  2. Hmm. “Bite ex-boyfriend” doesn’t work either.

  3. Oh how cute. He understands kiss. Type in “kiss” and see what happens. Oh my nose tickles.

    (As you can see I’m getting a real kick out of this)!

    What did you type in, Max?

  4. Hey, “die” works lol

  5. max

    My favorites are “fetch” and “dance.”

  6. Wow… a nifty desk toy for work!

  7. max

    Absolutely. It is better with the sound on though — if you can do sound at work.

  8. I think that is the same kind of dog as my little Scrappy.

  9. I can think of other niftier desk toys…

  10. max

    I do not think you can use those toys in a regular office working environment. I could be wrong.

  11. Yes, you can use them anywhere.

    A Penthouse Pet uses it while she’s driving. That would distract me though and I’d cause a wreck and I’m not sure I’d want to discuss that in court!

    I forget what it is called. But it straps on and a remote controls it.

  12. max

    Wow I hope that is sound proofed.

  13. I hope I never encounter such a driver on the same highway. That could be dangerous.

  14. max

    I just do not see the point of it. It is not like you can exactly be in the moment if you are navigating traffic, ya know?

  15. Well, DC is right behind LA when it comes to The Nation’s Worst Traffic…I guess it’s just another way to spend quality time with oneself.

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