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us flagI am never quite sure —

What to say on Veteran’s Day. As an American I apparently have a histrionic duty to thank all soldiers for defending “America” and “freedom” and “democracy.”

But. America is pretty much in the tank, elections are a sham, as is “democracy” which for sure is not what we are exporting these days, let alone exercising at home, and “freedom”? The US prison industry is a for profit Wall Street commodity that makes its profits stuffing more American citizens into prison cells. We’ve got so many incarcerated American citizens today we scare the red Chinese. Freedom my ass.

Here is what I will say:


Dear US Soldiers and Veterans:

Thank you for risking your life and welfare to protect and defend a nation that has a government that does not value you enough, does not pay you enough, does not take care of you after service enough, and continues to send you into lethal combat that is not justified enough to risk your limbs, life, and blood on foreign soil.

I honor you, I give my love and respect to you. I apologize for my government’s gross misuse of you.

May we change this in the future. May we protect our troops on foreign soil and on home soil. May we bring you home.

And may we bring you home soon.


That Adams Girl

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